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The Bureau of Ships and Services (BoSS), also known as Imperial Ships & Services, was an extra-governmental galactic agency responsible for assigning unique transponder codes to starships and tracking their movements through space.


A fixture in intergalactic travel since almost 18,000 BBY, the Bureau of Ships and Services fielded offices in most major spaceports. Its unique structure and neutrality, complete with its own customs, traditions, unique personality and even language, allowed it to operate across political borders and through the transition of major galactic powers. Offices and field positions were often filled through hereditary means, so much so that after a millennia of operation the Bureau was both a closely knit family and a civil agency. According to Platt Okeefe, the Bureau was full of secrets and even the Galactic Empire dared not trifle with it.[1]

They did work with the Imperial Space Ministry and Imperial Ships & Services when needed.

Acting as the galaxy's record keeper when it came to starship and spacer information, it kept extensive record of starship registrations and transponder codes, captains' flight certifications, and listings of all weapon loadouts on all registered ships in the galaxy. It also kept track of astrographical and navigational information as well as data on hyperlanes used in navigation computers. The Bureau's databanks were continuously updated and transmitted to spaceports, systems, and enforcement agencies throughout the galaxy. Files bearing information on the millions of registered starships were held in secure, encoded computer cores. These information details were frequently kept in cold boxes, which also made public access to transponder codes contraband. However, at least one BoSS-owned cold box ended up stolen, where it eventually ended up as part of a droid sale by Nebit's clan in 0 BBY/0 ABY.

All registered spacers were issued with a BoSS datapad, which was to be shown to all port officials and Imperial boarding parties upon request, to ensure the legality of a ship's position, cargo and crew.

BoSS was the keeper of starship data, for as long as there was starship data to be kept—or, at least, so it seemed. It was not attached to any one government, remaining omnipresent through the reign of the Galactic Republic, Galactic Empire, New Republic, and well into the age of the Galactic Alliance. On at least two occasions, the Bureau played an important role in ending two major galactic wars, forcing an end to the First Alsakan Conflict by threatening to withhold access to hyperspace beacons, and collaborating with a Jedi-led coalition opposed to the Pius Dea regime during the last of the Pius Dea Crusades, stranding much of the Pius Dea fleet in open space.

They also inspected and rated various space stations for whether they were fit for duty. As such, the crew chief Oxenbrigg noted that any Imperial vessels docked at any space station that wasn't rated by the Imperial Ships & Services was likely to end up infested by Mynocks.[2]



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