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Anakin Skywalker buried his mother in the sand.

Burial was a funeral rite used across the galaxy to honorarily dispose of the corpse of a sentient being by placing it into the ground. After his mother Shmi was tortured to death by a band of Tusken Raiders, Anakin Skywalker buried her in the sand at her husband's homestead.[1] During the Clone Wars, the Gran senator Kharrus was killed on Florrum and buried there under a heap of rocks.[2] On Jelucan, the inhabitants would practice sky burial, putting bodies in open cairns at high-altitude for birds to devour. They believed the birds took the soul as well as the flesh, into the sky, forever.[3] The bones of the Serennian ancestors of Dooku were buried on Monterro, the Funeral Moon of Serenno.[4]



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