"About ten days ago, our leader gave me an assignment to wipe the navicomputers of a geological survey ship. Through carelessness and neglect, its crew had destroyed a forest on the planet Kaisa and had caused the extinction of the Buro, a species of ethereally beautiful sentient insects. My job was to make sure that the survey ship's navicomputer would never again guide its geologists to a new world they could destroy."
―Lusa, a member of the Diversity Alliance[src]

The Buro were a species of sentient insects that were considered ethereally beautiful by some other species. They were native to Kaisa, a planet[1] located in the Corva sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[2] The Buro had no presence offworld, but their homeworld did receive some visitors, among them a Human-crewed, geological survey starship. The survey crew negligently destroyed a forest on Kaisa, and the destruction of this habitat led to the extinction of the Buro species.[1]

In 24 ABY, the Diversity Alliance, an anti-Human organization, became aware of the extinction of the Buro and the role played by the survey crew. The Alliance's leader, Nolaa Tarkona, tasked the Chironian operative Lusa with wiping clean the navigation computers of the survey crew's starship; their next jump into hyperspace would see them emerge in uncharted territory. Lusa, however, was not prepared to go through with the act, and confessed her sabotage to the geologists before their departure.[1]

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Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta created the Buro for Young Jedi Knights: Delusions of Grandeur, a young adults novel published by Boulevard in 1997.


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