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"There's the Corellian agent, sir. He doesn't know who Habuur was after, only that Corellian Intelligence told him to give her a safe house and provide weapons."
―Heol Girdun, to Jacen Solo[src]

Buroy was a male Corellian who served as an agent of Corellian Intelligence during the time of the Second Corellian Crisis. In 40 ABY, the Corellian Head of State Thrackan Sal-Solo hired the Kiffar bounty hunter Ailyn Vel—who was operating under the alias "Ailyn Harbuur"—to assassinate the family of Sal-Solo's cousin Han Solo, and Buroy was ordered by Corellian Intelligence to provide Vel with weapons and a safe house on the planet Coruscant. However, Buroy and Vel were arrested by the Galactic Alliance Guard and after Vel was killed during an interrogation by the GAG's leader Jacen Solo, who was attempting to extract intelligence from her regarding Sal-Solo's plot, Jacen ordered the GAG captain Heol Girdun to try to obtain the information from Buroy instead.

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