Burrk was an Imperial Stormtrooper who deserted the Empire after the Battle of Endor. He teamed up with two Cathar siblings, Nodon and Nonak, and hunted Wampas on Hoth even though it was illegal.


Drom Guldi booked himself on a trip to Hoth to hunt with Burrk, but while they were on the hunt, they were ambushed by Wampas. One Wampa accidentally hit the self-destruct on their ship, and Burrk and his team were left stranded on Hoth.

Eventually Luke Skywalker and Callista Ming discovered Burrk and the others on Hoth, and were once again ambushed by Wampas. Burrk and the others took shelter in the remnants of Echo Base, but Burrk was killed during the fight.



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