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It was believed that long before the arrival of Humans on the planet Naboo around 3900 BBY, the planet's native sentients, the Gungans, rallied for war against bursas, a violent[1] semi-sentient[2] species that attacked Gungan settlements on a regular basis.[1] To combat the threat, the Gungans developed military technology[3] and created a Gungan Grand Army that supposedly drove the bursas to extinction.[1] Gungan society became more militaristic and tribal as a result of the war with the bursas,[2] and they continued to maintain the Gungan Grand Army in the following years, even during peacetime. Bursas still played a role in the war between the Gungan tribes, which ended[1] in 3000 BBY,[2] and they were later captured and bred for export by members of the Amaran species.[4]

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"Early during the writing of the Essential Guide to Episode I, I came across a George Lucas reference that the Gungans may have kept an army due to a past conflict with "bear-like creatures.""
―Daniel Wallace[5]

Concept art of Gungans fighting a bursa by Robin Pronovost

The war between the Gungans and the bursas was first mentioned in the Gungan DataBank entry in the 2001 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.[1] The concept for the war was originated by[5] Star Wars creator[6] George Lucas, who described the Gungan Grand Army as being created to fight bear-like creatures. Author Daniel Wallace came across Lucas's concept and planned to expand upon it in The Essential Guide to Episode I, requesting artist Robin Pronovost to design a creature that became the bursas, although the guide was ultimately cancelled.[5] In a blog post in which they shared concept art of a bursa drawn in 2000, Pronovost offered the unofficial explanation that the bursas were driven to extinction by the Gungans, but were preserved by a breeding program established by the Amarans.[7]

The 2001 reference book The Essential Guide to Alien Species[8] contradicted Galactic Battlegrounds[1] by stating that the Gungan Grand Army was formed in a conflict with unknown invaders of Naboo in their early history,[8] and 2006's The New Essential Guide to Alien Species[6] stated that the conflict took place nearly 100 years before the Battle of Yavin.[8] In another contradiction, the 2002 forty-seventh issue of The Official Star Wars Fact File magazine stated that the Gungan Grand Army was formed by united factions after the war between the Gungan tribes.[9] This article uses sources that state that the war against the bursas caused the formation of the Gungan Grand Army, including Galactic Battlegrounds,[1] 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia,[10] and 2009's The Essential Atlas.[2]



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