The Burskan gundark was a subspecies of gundark. Their temperament was polar from a gundark's, though, as the Burskan variant was very docile. They were known to lay around, even more in warmer weather, but when provoked, had the same ferocity of their cousins. Another noticible difference was that they seemed to become attached to soft items, such as fur or silk. Fights sometimes occurred between two of these gundarks as to who obtained one of these items, which they generally hoarded.

These creatures were also very sensitive to rotten plant matter, which was not a problem in the Burskan tundra, but had caused stampedes in captivity. They also did not seem to notice anything unless it appeared to be some sort of threat. Due to Burskan gundarks much different temperament from their cousins, they did not sell very well in the black market.


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