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"The truth is we've been fighting a losing battle here—and I expected these withdrawal orders long before the treaty talks ever began."
―Buryn, during the Battle of Balmorra[src]

Buryn was a Togruta male who served as a member of the Republic Military during the Great Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. In 3653 BBY, he served as the theater commander for the Battle of Balmorra—a long-running conflict between the Republic and the Empire over the planet's rich resources and manufacturing capabilities. During the fight for Balmorra, the Dark Council of the Sith Empire extended an offer of peace to the Republic. Upon the acceptance of the offer and the ratification and enactment of the Great War-ending Treaty of Coruscant, all Republic Military forces were expected to stand down, including those belonging to General Buryn on Balmorra.

As the Togruta tried to gather his commanders and leave the battlefield, Jedi Knight Fortris Gall rebelled against the General and the Treaty by launching a covert rescue mission into a Sith military base. Gall's brazen attack forced Buryn and his troops to remain on-planet, turning the mire of the Balmorra battle into one of the earliest conflicts of the post-Great Galactic War political unrest.


"Lieutenant Tavus, Master Orgus, we welcome your arrival"
"Rather than our arrival, General, we need to discuss why you're not preparing for departure."
"We missed the deadline waiting for Fortris to free some of our captured soldiers. The Imperials attacked, and we've been stuck here ever since."
―General Buryn and Jedi Master Orgus Din[src]

After the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, Buryn was present at Republic Base 11A on Balmorra with several Jedi, discussing the troop withdrawal orders given after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant. A Jedi named Fortris Gall had been planning a rescue mission to liberate Demolitions Squad 419 from captivity by the Sith Empire. After Buryn discouraged Fortris from attempting a rescue, Fortris left the room, claiming to merely be going outside to look at the stars.

In actuality, Fortris departed for the Troida Military Workshop where Squad 419 was being held. After defeating a Sith guard in a duel, Fortris succeeded in liberating the captive demolitions team.

Personality and traits[]

"Frankly, as far as we're concerned now, the battle's still in full swing."
―General Buryn, on the battle for Balmorra[src]