Busurra was a male Wookiee who joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic in the Atrivis sector. There, he was an able administrator and an assistant to the sector's Chief of Staff, and on a number of occasions was himself acting Chief of Staff. Busurra was mild-mannered, despite being tortured by forces of the Galactic Empire.


Busurra was a male Wookiee. He was once captured by forces of the Galactic Empire who tortured him, blinding him in his right eye and causing him to lose three fingers on his left hand. To cover his injury, Busurra wore an eye patch. After joining the Alliance to Restore the Republic, Busurra went on to become an assistant to Loom Carplin, the Chief of Staff of the Atrivis Sector Force. The pair were based on Generis, the headquarters of the sector forces; however, Carplin was often off-world checking numerous outposts in the sector. On these occasions, Busurra was acting Chief of Staff, aiding Commander-in-Chief Travia Chan.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Despite the reputation of his species and the mutilation delivered to him by the Imperials, Busurra was a good-natured and mild mannered Wookiee. He was a very efficient administrator and organizer, and was aided in this role by his protocol droid, C3-L1, who translated his speech for the many Humans who struggled to understand him.[1]

Skills and abilities[]

Busurra was skilled in combat, trained to use both a standard blaster and a bowcaster, as well as larger blaster artillery weapons. He was also skilled in unarmed combat. Busurra was knowledgeable about alien species, along with their cultures and languages, and about planetary systems. A capable administrator, Busurra was well versed in the inner workings of a bureaucracy. He was trained to navigate starships through hyperspace, and was capable of flying space transports and driving repulsorlift vehicles.[1]

Busurra was trained to operate the weapon systems and deflector shields aboard starships, and was skilled in repairing space transports. Busurra also had survival training, expertise in demolition operations, bypassing security systems, and applying first aid.[1]


Busurra owned a bowcaster, the traditional Wookiee weapon, with which he was proficient. He also carried a comlink, and owned C3-L1, a protocol droid.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Busurra was created for the 1990 Rebel Alliance Sourcebook published by West End Games.[1] In the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Bursurra's name was used as one of the leaders for AI players using the Wookiee faction, appearing only in the standard game mode.[2]



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