"Miara Larte breathed in and remembered how much she loved real air."
―Excerpt from "By Whatever Sun"[2]

"By Whatever Sun" is a short story in the anthology From a Certain Point of View. The story, written by E. K. Johnston and Ashley Eckstein, focuses on Miara Larte, a character first introduced in Johnston's novel Ahsoka.[3]

Plot summary[]

In the Great Temple at Yavin 4, Captain Miara Larte and her crew of Alderaanian consular security stand at the front of the room for the medal ceremony honoring the heroes of the Battle of Yavin. One of them, Jessamyn, isn't sure whether or not it's appropriate to be holding the ceremony now, after all of the Rebel Alliance's recent losses. A gunner, named either Hester or Heattens, replies that they have to do something. Like Miara, the gunner had been away from Alderaan when the Death Star attacked.

As Alderaanians, Miara and her crew had been given the privilege of being at the front of the parade. The great cavern at the rebel base on Yavin 4 is crammed with many uniformed rebel soldiers. Many of these are refugees from worlds ravaged by the Galactic Empire such as Fest, her homeworld of Raada, Jedha, and Alderaan. Still, Miara is troubled by the heavy losses sustained by the Rebellion in the past weeks. Miara reflects on her former homeworld of Raada and how Neera had saved her life with a stun blast. She is grateful to the Organa family for rescuing them and giving them a home and a mission.

Miara fixes her gaze on Princess Leia Organa, whom she regards as a source of hope. Miara is able to put aside her grief by reflecting on the princess's loss. Miara also thinks about her older sister Kaeden Larte, who had kept them fed and clothed by sheer force of will. Kaeden had become a medical professional aboard a Republic medical frigate. Unlike her sister, Miara had decided to become a starfighter pilot in the Rebellion after witnessing A-wing starfighter pilots in action above Raada. Miara had risen to the rank of captain with the help of the late Senator Bail Organa.

While reflecting on the Rebellion's need for pilots, Miara is roused by the sound of music. She sees Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca walking the entire length of the cavern to the front of the podium. The sight of the young Skywalker brings back her childhood memories as a resistance fighter on Raada. Miara is grateful to the Rebellion for training her and giving her the tools she needed to survive. Miara watches R2-D2 push his way forward to stand beside C-3PO. R2-D2's chirp resonates with the music while Chewbacca's roar brings tears to Jessamyn's face.

Miara realizes that the celebration helps the good to offset the bad, ensuring that neither of them are forgotten or erased. Miara finds herself encouraged by Leia's smile. Despite the destruction of Raada and Alderaan, Miara takes comfort in the fact that her sister still lives and that most importantly she herself is still alive. Miara is also encouraged that she still has her crew and ship, and looks forward to their next mission. With grief on her cheeks and hope in heart, Miara joins in with the other rebels in celebrating the living and remembering the dead. Miara, reflecting back on her rebel career since the uprising on Raada, and everything she has gained and lost, eventually concludes that it is appropriate. She resolves to face tomorrow and continue rebelling.


Raada is incorrectly referred to as a planet, instead of a moon.


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