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Byblos was a planet in the Colonies known for its technological advances. Byblos also made a name for itself through the company BlasTech Industries, which was founded during the era of the Old Republic. At the time of the Galactic Empire, the planet was considered one of the busiest and most important planets in the Colonies. However, Byblos was affected by the suppression of several alien species that were declared slaves by the Empire.


Byblos was the headquarters of Byblos Drive Yards, and some other important technology brands maintained corporate towers there. It was a densely populated manufacturing center for high technology and military items. The natives built huge city towers, some of which had 5,000 levels or more. BlasTech, SoroSuub, and Sienar Fleet Systems all maintained corporate towers on Byblos.

The average day lasted 38 standard hours and the year 402 local days.


Like its neighbor Loronar, Byblos was colonized by Corellian settlers before the founding of the Galactic Republic. Both worlds later declared their independence from Corellia.[2]

Byblos joined the Galactic Republic early in its history, sometime between 25,000 BBY and 22,000 BBY.[2] During the Alsakan Conflicts, it supported Coruscant.[5]

During the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire, the safety of factory workers on Byblos was gravely endangered through the works of hostile saboteurs.[6]

The planet did not secede during the Clone Wars.[2] During the war, a battle occurred on Byblos, in which ARC troopers managed to get behind Separatist lines by hijacking an SRT droid.

By 4 ABY, the planet had become an Imperial fortress world.[2]

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