Byblos Starport Tower 214 interior

A concourse in Byblos Starport Tower 214.

Byblos Starport Tower 214 was one of several starport towers in Byblos City on the densely-populated world of Byblos. These towers, thousands of meters in height, serviced commercial and privately-owned starships. It was over 3000 levels tall. At the top were comm arrays and sensor arrays as well as a huge transparisteel dome to provide the interior or the tower with natural daylight. Tower 214 was connected to other towers via tubeways.

Tower 214, like others of its type, had rings of docking bays on its outer and inner walls, with a vast empty light well in the center running the entire height of the tower. Its outer docking bays had twenty times the capacity of a Mon Calamari cruiser's largest hangar.

Byblos Starport Tower 214 Docking

A YT-1300 light freighter travels along Tower 214's inner ring.

Tower 214 contained 300 levels in which starships could dock. Each level had almost identical amenities, such as Biscuit Baron restaurants, the Docking Club cantina, and Homar's Hotels (a regional chain in the Colonies). At the bottom were several levels dedicated to industry.

Bolabo Hujaan's garage was located deep beneath Tower 214. Its existence was unknown to the Empire, making it an ideal place for Bolabo's Rebel friends to effect much-needed repairs.



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