"We've heard of this [Tomo Camp]. Rumors have reached us of medical experiments being performed on prisoners. This is against Republic law. If we knew this for certain, it would help us in negotiations with the Vanqors. Did you see anything like that?"
"I underwent the procedure. It is called the Zone of Self-Containment."
"What happens to you?"
"You become ... content. You have complete mobility and your thought processes are sharp. It doesn't feel as though you're drugged. But the things that normally torment you don't bother you at all."
"Crowd control ... It's a way to subdue populations. I can't believe we must form a partnership with those who would do this.
―High General Bycha and Anakin Skywalker.[src]

Bycha was a Human female commanding general for the planet Typha-Dor.

In 25 BBY, during the attack on Typha-Dor instigated by its predatory neighbor, Vanqor, High General Bycha utilized falsified "invasion plans" provided by Typha-Dor native Mezdec, an undercover agent for the Vanqors, to prepare Typha-Dor's defense.

When the Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived on Typha-Dor before the Vanqor assault and accused Mezdec of being a spy for Typha-Dor's enemy, Bycha believed their claims in spite of Mezdec's denial. The real invasion plans, brought by the Jedi, enabled Bycha's fleet to catch the Vanqors by surprise and force them to surrender without firing a shot, saving Typha-Dor from invasion and opening the way to negotiate a peace settlement.

General Bycha was determined that part of that peace would be the eradication of the substance abuse imposed by the scientist Jenna Zan Arbor on prisoners-of-war interred at The Tomo Camp in the Tomo Craters region of Vanqor.

General Bycha was described as tall and imposing, with multi-colored medals on her shoulders.

Behind the scenesEdit

General Bycha, in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, is erroneously characterized as being male.

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