Bylsma was a commander in the New Republic Defense Fleet, who was in command of a space station in orbit of Dibrook that housed refugees early in the Yuuzhan Vong War. The station came under attack by Yuuzhan Vong forces, and had its shields stripped away. Bylsma ordered the station's fighter wing to launch, and told them to use their superior numbers to wipe out the attackers quickly because of the lack of shields. However, when a larger vessel approached, he ordered a retreat. When the ship fired on the Yuuzhan Vong, Bylsma ordered the fighters to focus on the smaller ships. After the battle, he told Kaye Galfridian that one of the Vong ships had fled to Dibrook's uninhabitable surface, and she decided to follow. He gave her and her crew vac suits and weapons, and also sent down a large force of New Republic troopers under the command of Captain Ogden, who protested the mission.

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Bylsma is identified as a commander for most of his appearance in Invasion: Rescues 1, but is referred to as an admiral by Kaye Galfridian.


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