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"There was nothing left to guard. The Empire took it all away. And the war began. I ran. All the way here to the edges."

Bylsma was a human male from Alderaan who served as a palace guard before the Galactic Civil War. When the Galactic Empire destroyed Alderaan, Bylsma was offworld, surviving the planet's destruction. To escape the Empire, Bylsma hid on a distant planet, where he remained until the New Republic Era. When a First Order shuttle holding Kylo Ren and General Armitage Hux crashed onto Bylsma's planet, Hux pretended to be sympathetic towards him to use the communications array of his starship. Bylsma was shocked when the First Order arrived, and Hux, revealing his true nature, ordered for Bylsma to be stranded on the planet, which he wished to use for target practice for Starkiller Base.[1]

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