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This article is about the homeworld of the Abyssin. You may be looking for the Deep Core planet Byss or the star.
"My home is a harsh place; there is no room for weakness."
―Ki-Ta Kren[src]

The Outer Rim world of Byss was located in the Byss and Abyss system of The Slice.


Discovered between the Kymoodon Era and the Rianitus Period, Byss was largely ignored in galactic trade, its one substantial export being the Abyssin themselves as slaves. Located in space controlled by the Sith Empire during the Jedi Civil War, its space would be contested millennia later during the Clone Wars.

When the Galactic Empire annexed the world, the slave trade on the planet was free to flow. with the old sanctions of the Republic lifted. After the fall of the Empire, the New Republic liberated the world, though the system was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong circa 27 ABY. As of 137 ABY, Byss was aligned with the Galactic Alliance Remnant.[1]


Home to the one-eyed Abyssin, the planet circled the binary stars Byss and Abyss in an unusual figure-eight orbit. A hot and arid planet, temperatures on Byss reached their unbearable apex when the planet passed between its two suns, a nightless period called "The Burning."

Much of the animal life of Byss either hibernated during the hottest part of Byss's year, or lived entirely underground. Byss's animals also evolved various systems to conserve water, such as the Abyssin ability to quickly regenerate from injuries to minimize blood loss. Most plant life on Byss utilized extensive taproots to extract underground water. One animal native to Byss was the gaunt.

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The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Byss in the Farfin sector, a misspelling of the true Farrfin sector, of the Galactic Core.



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