The Byss Run was a hyperlane located in the Deep Core. It was so perilous and changing that it was only kept open and stable with hundreds of non-mass S-thread boosters planted within hyperspace at a high cost.[1]


The Byss Run was the primary hyperroute to and from the Deep Core world of Byss, the location of the Reborn Palpatine's Empire. The Byss Run was a highly secure route and required all ships approaching the planet to have a Deep Core Security Zone clearance, or they would be fired upon by orbiting Imperial fleet. Because of the heavy security and the increased Imperial presence, the Byss Run was considered by some as the ultimate test of a smuggler's ability.

Salla Zend proved herself to be one of the best when she succeeded in smuggling Han Solo and Leia Organa Solo on to Byss in an attempt to rescue Luke Skywalker.

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In Part 4 of Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace's endnotes for The Essential Atlas, Jason Fry mentioned that the Byss Run and the secret route General Grievous took to abducting Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars correspond.[2]



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