Byss and the Deep Core is an online Star Wars Roleplaying Game supplement published by Wizards of the Coast for its Planet Hoppers article series. It was written by Rodney Thompson (with special thanks to Daniel Wallace) and published in April 2005.

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The mysterious planet Byss lies at the heart of the Imperial holdings in the Deep Core. A pleasant resort world used by Emperor Palpatine as a personal retreat, Byss was once a lush and fertile planet that was used as a lure to attract willing followers to settle in the Core. Over time, the Emperor's dark side energies slowly corrupted the world and transformed it into one of the most powerful dark side sites in the entire galaxy...


" In which we learn the dark secrets of the Emperor's so-called luxury planet."
Empress Teta
"In which we navigate the urban sprawl of the region's hub of galactic civilization."
"In which we tread lightly through the foreboding mountains of this fortress world."
"In which we see how the Trade Federation and the Empire created a dying wasteland."


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