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Fett: "He's not exactly the talkative type. That's why we get on so well—right, Highsinger?"
C-21 Highsinger: "Broop-vworp-vreeep-bweeep."
Fett: "He is, however, extremely well-armed, and jury-rigged for this mission with an array of tracking sensors."
Boba Fett and C-21 Highsinger[src]

C-21 Highsinger was a droid that functioned as a bounty hunter during the Clone Wars. Alongside several other bounty hunters, he took part in an escort mission on the planet Quarzite during the Clone Wars.


C-21 Highsinger's past was all but unknown, though it was believed that the droid was the only one of his kind. Highsinger's servomotors and manipulators were carefully designed, creating uncanny reflexes that resulted in a high level of combat prowess. He was able to unlock a rotator assembly within his main body which allowed his upper torso to spin while his legs remained firmly planted, allowing him to take out surrounding targets with speed and accuracy. Through extensive modifications, advanced programming, and learned skills, he became a proficient and deadly bounty hunter.

Unlike most droids, Highsinger served no master, and took on jobs as varied as capturing targets to protecting the families of criminals. During the Clone Wars, Highsinger joined a group of bounty hunters put together by Boba Fett in order to undertake a mission on the planet of Quarzite. The hunters were joined by the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress—although they were unaware of her identity—after she killed one of the members of their team. The group was tasked with guarding a large wooden chest aboard a subtram, which was to be delivered to a ruler known as Otua Blank. Though the trip began easily enough, soon the tram was beset by Kage Warriors, who sought the cargo for themselves. One by one, the hunters fell. Though Highsinger was one of the last hunters standing, the Warriors' leader, Krismo Sodi was able to dispatch the droid by linking him with fellow hunter Latts Razzi as she was thrown from the train. Highsinger fell beside Razzi, though both survived. In his absence, Fett too was bested by Sodi, who soon revealed that the cargo was his sister, Pluma Sodi, who was to be forcibly wed to Blank. Ventress, having suffered many changes in her recent past, ended up placing Fett within the chest and selling him to Blank, collecting both a bounty from the warlord as well as from the Kage Warriors for freeing Pluma. She then shared the first bounty with Highsinger and the others, telling them that Fett would join them soon enough.

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A droid of the same model as Highsinger was to be a companion in the cancelled game Star Wars: 1313 as revealed in a article from IGN.



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