This article is about the starfighter. You may be looking for the T-21 C-wing airspeeder, or the Corellian/B-wing Ugly.

The C-wing was a starfighter designed to be piloted by a single person with an optional gunner and room for two passengers.

The C-wing had twice the cargo capacity of a standard X-wing, 220 kilograms, and had enough consumables to last two weeks. Additionally, it had a class 1.5 hyperdrive, which was relatively fast for a starfighter, but lacked a backup.

The designers of the C-wing saw it as being a large, tough starfighter, and so didn't feel that it had to be particularly fast or maneuverable, though it was able to achieve a standard attack speed. Because of this, the hull and shields of the C-wing were relatively strong for a starfighter. It also housed four fire-linked heavy blaster cannons, as well as a single proton torpedo launcher.

Without the weapon systems, the ship was priced at 116,000 credits, though with weaponry the price jumped to 130,500 credits (plus the cost of each proton torpedo to be loaded into the launcher).

Behind the scenesEdit

The C-wing was given as an example of a ship you could create using the starship construction rules in the Wizards of the Coast d20 roleplaying book, Starships of the Galaxy. In that article, the theoretical player designing the ship was named Cory.


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