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"This junky little astromech droid keeps the Ghost running. Lucky for him he's good at it, because he is a pain."
―Ezra Bridger[src]

C1-10P, commonly known as "Chopper," was a C1-series astromech droid with masculine programming who was active during the Clone Wars and the early years of the Galactic Empire. He was a member of a Lothal rebel cell led by the Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus that fought against the Empire. He was responsible for maintaining the Ghost, a modified VCX-100 light freighter which served as the rebel cell's main base of operations. During his time with the Lothal rebels, Chopper took part in numerous raids and missions against Imperial targets. Due to his old age and lack of regular maintenance, Chopper developed a cantankerous and mischievous personality. Despite these personality flaws, he was a loyal member of his rebel crew.


Hera Chopper Machine in the Ghost

Hera and Chopper

Early existence

C1-10P or Chopper was known to have existed for a few decades past his manufacturer's expiry date. Despite his antiquated age, Chopper refused to consider himself old.[5] At some point during the Clone Wars, Chopper came into the services of Hera Syndulla, a young Twi'lek girl who was the daughter of the Twi'lek Resistance leader Cham Syndulla. Following the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic became the Galactic Empire, which refused to leave Ryloth. Cham came to devote more time to the Resistance's cause of freeing Ryloth and neglected his own family, particularly his daughter Hera. Due to the death of her mother and her father's neglect, Hera came to devote more time to Chopper than her own father; which strained relations between father and daughter. When Hera left Ryloth to join the rebellion, Chopper followed his master offworld.[6]

When Hera acquired the Ghost, a modified VCX-100 light freighter, Chopper was charged with maintaining the ship. The astromech droid modified the ship's systems to the extent that only he could interact with the ship's computer. As time passed by, Chopper became acquainted with the other members of the Lothal rebel cell: the Jedi Kanan Jarrus, the Lasat Garazeb Orrelios, and the Mandalorian teenager Sabine Wren.[5]

Age of the Empire

Raid on an Imperial supply convoy

"I know you're fixing the shields. But I need the comm operational to coordinate our attack. Now go before I pull your battery! And while you're back there, tell Kanan to please hit something!"
―Hera Syndulla, to Chopper[src]
Grafitti zeb and ezra room

Chopper did not get on well with Zeb and Ezra

After Chopper successfully unscrambled an Imperial military frequency that revealed the location of nearby cargo ships transporting minerals to construct the Galactic Empire's war machines, Kanan formulated a plan to attack the convoy. However, the cargo report was in reality a trap set to capture rebels, and once they arrived, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, and C1-10P instead found themselves under attack by four Imperial TIE/LN starfighters.[5] After the attack disabled both the Ghost's shields and internal comm system, Chopper found himself receiving conflicting orders from both Syndulla and Jarrus regarding which to fix first. Chopper's ultimate solution to the problem was to take charge of the laser cannons on the Phantom and destroy the final TIE fighter himself. After doing so, he received praise from Hera and Kanan in the cockpit. [7]

Enter Ezra Bridger

Shortly afterward, the crew of the Ghost executed a heist that resulted in a young orphan named Ezra Bridger coming aboard the ship. Chopper and Zeb initially did not welcome Ezra's presence and were hostile towards him. After reporting to Cikatro Vizago, the crew went in search of a group of Wookiees that had been enslaved by the Empire. Boarding the Gozanti-class cruiser where the Wookiees were supposedly being held, Chopper went with Sabine Wren to disable the cruiser's gravity. The ship however was revealed to be a trap, set up by Imperial Security Bureau Agent Kallus, Chopper and the Ghost's crew were able to escape unscathed, but Ezra was captured. After a brief vote, the crew elected to rescue the boy, and did so. Ezra revealed that he had discovered the true whereabouts of the Wookiee slaves–spice mine K76 of Kessel. While Chopper stayed with Hera on-board the Ghost, Kanan, Garazeb Orrelios, Sabine Wren, and Ezra freed the captured Wookiees. The mission complete, Ezra decided to remain with the crew of the Ghost after Kanan offered to train him in the Jedi way.[8]

Theft of the T-7 ion disruptors

Droids in Distress thumb

Chopper (far right) with C-3PO, R2-D2, and Sabine

Running low on fuel and food, the crew of the Ghost decided to take up one of Vizago's standing offers to steal a shipment of T-7 ion disruptor rifles before they fell into the hands of the Empire. After boarding Star commuter shuttle ST-45, bound to the planet Garel, the rebels made their move. Aboard the shuttle was Minister Maketh Tua, who was negotiating the arrangement with Aqualish arms dealer Amda Wabo. With Wabo only able to speak in his native tongue, Lothal's minister borrowed Senator Bail Organa's protocol droid C-3PO, along with his counterpart astromech, R2-D2 to translate the deal.[9]

As the ship entered hyperspace, Bridger and Chopper started a ruckus, causing Jarrus to request that the astro droid be moved to the back of the shuttle. The pilot complies, but in retaliation Bridger demanded that Tua's droids be sent to the back as well. Despite her protest, the droids were ordered to go back, leaving the minister without an interpreter. Wren, fluent in Aqualish, offered to translate for the duo, which Tua gladly accepted. Later, when Bridger, Orrelios and Wren took the T-7 ion disruptor rifles, Chopper noted that R2-D2 was coming closer. Syndulla ordered Chopper to distract them, which he did. Chopper rammed himself right into R2-D2, then shook his arm in apparent anger. In response, R2-D2 whipped out his electroshock prod, but did not use it as C-3PO ordered him to apologize. But then, Minister Tua remembered Chopper from the shuttle ride to Garell and ordered her stormtrooper guards to hurry to Bay 7. Chopper only watches the Imperials run to Bay 7, not bothering to try and warn his Rebel friends.[9]

While Zeb grappled with the stormtroopers, Chopper joined Sabine and Ezra who were loading crates of T-7 ion disruptors into the Ghosts' cargo hold at the neighboring Bay 8. Chopper was followed by C-3PO and R2-D2, who were seeking to escape the carnage. Chopper was initially annoyed at the presence of the two stowaways and blew a circuit when C-3PO described him as "old" and R2-D2 described him as a thief. However, Chopper chortled in satisfaction when Kanan ordered Sabine to place restraining bolts on the two stowaways. Unknown to Chopper and his companions, Bail Organa had sent the two droids on a secret mission to prevent the T-7 ion disruptors from falling into the hands of the Empire. Chopper's companions then traveled on the Ghost to Lothal with the intention of selling the ion disruptors and the two stowaway droids to the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago.[9]

The Ghost landed at a rendezvous point on Lothal and proceeded to sell the disruptors to Vizago. Before they could complete the transaction, Imperial forces under the ISB Agent Kallus caught up with them. Unknown to Chopper and the other crew, C-3PO had contacted the Imperial authorities telling them that he and his astromech counterpart had been kidnapped by a group of "criminals" in Garel. Carrying out Organa's orders, R2-D2 proceeded to overload the T-7 disruptors and was assisted by Sabine and Chopper. During the fighting, the rebels managed to destroy the T-7 disruptors and to escape their Imperial pursuers. Following their escape, the crew of the Ghost rendezvoused with Senator Bail Organa and returned C-3PO and R2-D2 to their rightful owner. In return for destroying the T-7 disruptors, Senator Organa paid Lothal rebels several credits to cover their living expenses.[9]

The Meiloorun Hunt

Later on Lothal, Chopper played a prank on Ezra and Zeb. Blaming each other, the young Human and Lasat got into a fight aboard the Ghost. As punishment, Hera sent Ezra and Zeb to buy some groceries including a Meiloorun fruit. However, the two rebels ran into trouble and stole a TIE fighter. After learning of their predicament, Jarrus ordered the two to destroy the vessel. Despite this, Bridger and Orrelios refused, but kept it a secret so as to preserve it. Following the incident, Sabine did a graffiti painting of Chopper playing a prank on Ezra and Zeb.[10][4]

Trap on Stygeon Prime


Chopper and his fellow crew

Later, Chopper and Zeb were watching Kanan Jarrus training Ezra on top of the Ghost high above Lothal's surface. During the lesson, Chopper under Kanan's instruction hurled several small empty objects at Ezra in an attempt to train him how to deflect the objects with his lightsaber. However, Ezra was unfocused and was not able to strike the objects with Kanan's lightsaber blade, which he had borrowed for the lesson. In the end, Chopper finally threw multiple objects at once, causing Bridger to fall backward and off the ship, plunging towards the surface below. Jarrus then used the Force to catch the boy in mid-fall and to levitate him towards the Ghost. This unsuccessful Jedi lesson created friction between Kanan and Ezra with the former taking issue with the latter's lack of focus and unteachable character.[11]

After receiving a transmission from the former Senator Gall Trayvis that the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was imprisoned on the bleak Imperial prison world of Stygeon Prime, Chopper and his companions traveled to the Stygeon system in an attempt to rescue Luminara. Unknown to the crew of the Ghost, Luminara was already dead and the Empire had planted this information in order to lure the Lothal rebels into a trap. When Kanan told Ezra that Master Luminara would make an excellent teacher for the young apprentice, Ezra moaned to Chopper that Kanan was going to "pawn" him off on some stranger. Ambivalent to Ezra's predicament, Chopper rolled away without a beep.[11]

During the mission to Stygeon Prime, Chopper remained with the Ghost on orbit to provide his companions with a get-away transport. Meanwhile, his companions entered Stygeon Prime's atmosphere in the Ghost's auxiliary craft, the Phantom, and infiltrated the Spire, the Imperial prison where Master Luminara was reputed to be held. However, Ezra and Kanan were ambushed by the Grand Inquisitor, a Pau'an Imperial agent used to hunt down Jedi. After much difficulty, Chopper's companions managed to escape the Spire and rejoined Chopper. They then traveled back to Lothal to recuperate. As a result of their experiences on Stygeon Prime, Ezra reconciled with his master and continued with his Jedi training under Kanan.[11]

Infiltrating the Lothal Imperial Academy

Imperial Academy Lothal

Chopper infiltrated the Imperial Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid

Later, Ezra Bridger infiltrated the Academy for Young Imperials in Lothal's Capital City in order to obtain an Imperial decoder containing the location of a powerful kyber crystal. Chopper along with Sabine Wren and Garrazeb Orrelios assisted Ezra's mission by keeping a watch on him around the Imperial Academy. Chopper himself infiltrated the Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid; sporting black paint to complete his disguise. Throughout the mission, Chopper and his fellow rebels regularly corresponded with Ezra. With the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, Ezra succeeded in stealing the decoder from Agent Kallus' office. This intelligence enabled Hera and Kanan to intercept and destroy an Imperial convoy carrying the kyber crystal.[12] After the rebels had finished using the decoder, they passed it to Leonis' girlfriend Merei Spanjaf, who needed to use it to hack the Imperial data network to find Zare's missing sister Dhara Leonis.[13]

However, their plans to extract Ezra from the Imperial Academy were delayed after Ezra and Zare discovered that another cadet Jai Kell had shown an affinity for the Force and attracted the attention of the Inquisitor. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Zeb and the other rebels to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. During the attack, Chopper planted a time bomb on an AT-DP walker which gave the signal for Zare and Jai to hijack another AT-DP walker. Shortly later, they were joined by Ezra who had climbed the walker under the pretext of fighting the hijackers. Ezra's AT-DP walker managed to breach the blast doors where they were extracted by Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper.[12] However, Zare opted to stay behind in order to discover the whereabouts of his sister Dhara Leonis, who had been abducted by the Inquisitor for a secret Imperial project called Project Harvester.[13]

Exploits at Fort Anaxes

While the Ghost was traveling in space, Ezra grated Chopper's nerves by riding on him. Ezra's spat with Chopper and Zeb distracted the three of them from the task of running a diagnostic scan on the Ghost's auxiliary vessel, the Phantom. Thus, they did not detect a fuel leak on the Phantom's engine. This mishap stranded Hera Syndulla and Sabine Wren on Fort Anaxes, a remote asteroid base once used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. During their trip to Fort Anaxes, Hera and Sabine were attacked by Fyrnocks, a species of silicon-based predators. After much difficulty, Hera and Sabine managed to escape the Fyrnocks with the help of the rest of the Ghost's crew.[14]

Empire Day

Ezra ignites his lightsaber

Chopper and the other rebels watching Ezra present his new lightsaber

On Empire Day that year, Chopper's companions destroyed a TIE Advanced v1 prototype and escaped with the Rodian fugitive Tseebo, a former Imperial Information Office employee who had defected from the Empire with a stolen cybernetic headset containing Imperial technical plans. During their escape, Chopper operated the Ghost's rear guns and fired on a pursuing Imperial troop transport. Chopper's actions enabled his rebel companions and Tseebo to escape aboard the Ghost and head into space. While fleeing into space, the Ghost was pursued by several Imperial TIE fighters led by the Inquisitor, which fired upon the Ghost. Chopper was damaged and knocked offline during the assault. Since Chopper was unable to perform his normal duty of activating the ship's hyperdrive, Tseebo transmitted hyperspace coordinates directly to the Ghost's computer.[15]

After escaping the Imperial fleet, Chopper was repaired and patched up by his fellow crew. After Tseebo's implant detected an Imperial XX-23 S-thread tracker aboard the Ghost's hull, Chopper confirmed that the tracker was indeed located on the Ghost's auxiliary vessel Phantom. Chopper remained aboard the Ghost with Tseebo and the other crew while Ezra and Kanan departed on the Phantom for PM-1203 to lure the Imperials away from their true target. After exiting hyperspace, the Ghost met up with an Alderaanian blockade runner which transported Tseebo to safety.[15] After Ezra completed his Jedi Trials at the Jedi Temple on Lothal, Chopper donated a power cell to assist Ezra in building his new lightsaber.[2].

Enter Lando Calrissian

Lando likes Art

Chopper and Sabine ingratiating themselves with Lando

Later, Chopper along with Kanan and Zeb visited Old Jho's Pit Stop on Lothal where they met the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian. Short on funds, Zeb decided to bet on Chopper during a game of sabacc with Calrissian, which the latter won. As a result, Calrissian gained ownership of Chopper. Lando then forced the crew of the Ghost to assist him in a dangerous smuggling run in order to get Chopper back. This run involved trading Hera to the crime lord Azmorigan in exchange for a puffer pig, which Calrissian intended to use to find valuable minerals. To avoid competition from private entrepreneurs like Calrissian, the Empire had restricted the sale of puffer pigs. After overpowering Azmorigan, Hera escaped the crime lord's vessel in an escape pod and the Lothal rebels returned to Lothal where Calrissian owned a plot of land.[16]

During the journey, Chopper pretended to ingratiate himself with Lando by doing little jobs for him. Ezra and Zeb also created some trouble aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which wrecked havoc on the starship. After escaping several TIE fighters, the Ghost managed to land at Calrissian's estate with his prized cargo. However, Azmorigan and his henchmen had already arrived at the homestead with the intention of exacting revenge against Calrissian and his associates. A blaster battle broke out between the Lothal rebels and Azmorigan's henchmen. During the fighting, Chopper managed to steal several of Calrissian's fuel canisters, which the smuggler later conceded as payment to the Lothal rebels for their help. Chopper also freed Zeb from being held hostage by Azmorigan by firing the ship's cannons on the crime lord, forcing Azmorigan and his surviving henchmen to flee. Prior to parting company, Chopper gave Calrissian a slight "kick" to indicate that the astromech had only been pretending to ingratiate himself with the entrepreneur.[16]

The False Rebel

Ezra vision aftermath

Chopper and the other rebels watching one of Ezra's many Jedi lessons

Later, Chopper along with Zeb and Sabine took part in one of Ezra's Jedi training sessions. Kanan was teaching Ezra the technique known as Form V which involved Ezra using his lightsaber to deflect blaster stun shots from Chopper, Zeb, and Sabine towards an assigned target: a stormtrooper helmet set on a rock. During the training exercise, Ezra experienced a vision of them fighting alongside the outspoken dissident Senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis, whose transmissions had helped boost the Lothal rebels' morale. Following the training session, the crew of the Ghost intercepted a transmission from the Senator praising the Lothal rebels and telling them to meet at the Old Republic Senate Building on Lothal. Unknown to the Lothal rebels, this meeting was an operation set by Agent Kallus to trap them and Senator Travyis was actually working for the Empire.[17]

Suspecting something afoot about the Senate Building Meeting, Zeb and Ezra sent Chopper, who was disguised again as an Imperial astromech droid, to contact his cadet friend Zare Leonis. Using his disguise, Chopper managed to infiltrate the Imperial Academy and passed Ezra's note to Leonis; which told Leonis to meet him at the market place. In the process, he managed to brush some black paint onto Leonis' trousers. When a superior officer named Lieutenant Lieutenant saw Chopper interacting with Leonis, Leonis explained away the encounter by claiming that the droid had stopped to remind him that he had dropped his class-three code cylinder, something which he needed for his fast-tracked transfer to the Imperial Academy on Arkanis. Chiron also thought that Chopper, which he believed was an Imperial droid, had received a new coat of black paint at the repair shop.[18]

Due to Chopper's efforts, Leonis was able to meet Ezra and inform him about the true nature nature of the Senate Hall operation. Using this new information, the Lothal rebels decided to sneak into the building through the sewers in order to warn Senator Trayvis. Chopper assisted the mission by knocking out an Imperial astromech droid guarding the manhole leading to the sewers. While his rebel companions entered the sewers, he guarded the manhole. After his rebel companions escaped with Travyis into the sewers, Chopper had to contend with a stormtrooper patrol sent to secure the sewers. Fortunately for Chopper, the stormtroopers mistook him for an older model Imperial droid and told him to notify them if he saw the rebels. After the Imperials had departed, Chopper used his electronic saw to cut through the manhole. Meanwhile, Chopper's companions discovered Trayvis was an Imperial operative and managed to escape their Imperial pursuers. Chopper's companions exited the manhole before he could finish sawing through it. While Chopper was initially startled by Kanan's lightsaber, he was glad to be reunited with his companions.[17]

Rescuing Kanan

Ezra transmits a message of rebellion

Chopper and his comrades watching Ezra's broadcast

The Lothal rebels' actions eventually attracted the attention of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, who decided to implement a final solution to the rebel problem there. Following their encounter with Senator Trayvis, Chopper participated in Kanan's plan to take control of the Empire's main communications tower on Lothal. The rebels wanted to transmit a broadcast in order to counter Imperial propaganda depicting them in a negative light. As part of the plan, Chopper would enter the tower with Ezra and Kanan in order to upload a data spike into the tower's central computer. The spike would temporarily overload the tower's systems and allow Kanan to connect the holotransmitter to the tower and broadcast his message to the galaxy. Unknown to the Lothal rebels, Tarkin and Agent Kallus had planned to trap them in the communications tower.[19]

At first, the Lothal rebel assault on the Imperial communications tower went according to plan. They succeeded in overcoming the token stormtrooper presence while Chopper succeeded in uploading the data spike in the central computer. However, the rebels were then trapped by a force of three police gunships and two Imperial troop transports. While Kanan held back the Imperials, Chopper and the other rebels fled up the turbolift to the tower's summit to await their getaway transport, the Phantom, which was being piloted by Hera. The rebels were cornered by one of the police gunships but Sabine destroyed it with a grenade. Chopper and the other rebels then escaped aboard the Phantom; with Chopper firing his rocket boosters. However, they were unable to rescue Kanan who was captured by the Imperials. Despite Kanan's capture, Ezra still managed to broadcast a message to Lothal and the surrounding systems before the tower was destroyed by Tarkin's gunships.[19]

Chopper and the other rebels were greatly distressed by Kanan's capture and were unhappy with Fulcrum and Hera's orders that they sacrifice Kanan to avoid exposing the other rebel cells to the Imperial authorities. According to Ezra, Chopper mourned Kanan's loss like a living being. In their desperation, they hijacked an AT-DP walker in an attempt to access the Imperial network and find Kanan. However, their mission proved futile since the destruction of the communications tower had destroyed the Imperial communications network.[20] Later, Chopper along with Sabine and Zeb assisted Ezra's second plan to rescue Kanan. While Chopper distracted Hera, Ezra and the other two rebels escaped on the Phantom and visited the Devaronian crime lord Vizago with the hope of finding a lead on Kanan's whereabouts. While Vizago could not provide them with any information about Kanan, he revealed that the Imperials were using courier droids to transport secure information due to the communication tower's destruction.[19]

Lothal rebels TIE

Chopper and his fellow rebels took part in a mission to rescue their comrade Kanan

With Hera's approval, Ezra concocted a plan that involved disguising Chopper as an Imperial courier droid called 264 and using him to infiltrate an Imperial computer. During this operation, Zeb and Sabine ambushed a squad of stormtroopers and stole their accompanying courier droid. The plan worked and Chopper boarded a shuttle which took him to an Imperial communications ship above Lothal. While aboard Chopper copied the ship's communications logs and took advantage of an attack by the Ghost to flee the ship. While escaping, Chopper opened one of the ship's emergency airlocks which exposed four nearby stormtroopers to zero-gravity space, killing them. Chopper then used his booster rocket to enter the Ghost. Once aboard, Chopper revealed to his fellow rebels that Kanan was aboard Grand Moff Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, but that the vessel was scheduled to depart for the Mustafar system.[19] Chopper also showed his displeasure towards the Imperial courier droid 264 by booting him out of the Ghost.[20]

For the mission, the rebels stole a Gozanti-class cruiser and used it to penetrate the Imperial fleet above the Mustafar system. To avoid alerting the Imperials to presence, they had left the Ghost on Lothal since the ship had become familiar to the Imperial authorities. Chopper remained aboard the Gozanti cruiser while his rebel companions infiltrated Grand Moff Tarkin's flagship Sovereign and rescued Kanan Jarrus. After Sabine disabled the Sovereign with rigged detonators, Chopper disappeared into hyperspace with the stolen cruiser. He was also contacted by Fulcrum and presumably informed her of the Lothal rebels' plan to rescue Kanan. Fulcrum then assembled a group of starships including the Ghost and two blockade runners to rescue them. After Chopper's companions succeeded in rescuing Kanan, they were pursued by a swarm of TIE fighters. At that point, Chopper and the rebel starships exited hyperspace and wiped out the TIE fighters; allowing the Lothal rebels to escape with their stolen TIE fighters into hyperspace. Shortly later, Chopper and the other reunited rebels were present aboard the Ghost when they met a holographic projection of Senator Bail Organa and Fulcrum, who revealed herself as the Jedi Clone Wars veteran Ahsoka Tano.[19]

Escaping the Siege of Lothal

Maketh Tua contacts the rebels

Chopper transmitting Maketh Tua's message

Following Kanan's rescue in the Mustafar system, Chopper and his fellow rebels learnt that they were part of a larger rebellion against the Galactic Empire. The Lothal rebels also joined the Phoenix rebel cell fleet and took part in a mission to steal shield generators from an Imperial convoy. In response to the increased rebel activity on Lothal, Darth Sidious dispatched his apprentice Darth Vader to deal with them. Later, Chopper received a transmission from the Imperial Minister Maketh Tua]], who revealed her intentions to defect from the Empire in exchange for information on rebel sympathizers in Lothal and the surrounding systems and the Empire's true plans for Lothal. After some discussion, the Lothal rebels agreed to rescue Tua. While the other rebels went to meet Tua, Zeb and Chopper guarded the rebels' get-away transport, a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle. However, Agent Kallus had already learnt about Tua's defection and arranged for her death in a shuttle explosion, then which he blamed on the Lothal rebels. The rebels fled but their shuttle was shot down by Imperial forces.[21]

Chopper and his fellow rebels fled to Ezra's former home but they were pursued by stormtroopers. During a brief skirmish, Chopper electrocuted a stormtrooper with his electroshock prod. After escaping the Imperials, Chopper and his companions infiltrated the Imperial headquarters in Lothal's Capital City. While Kanan and Ezra impersonated a stormtrooper and Imperial cadet, Chopper and the other crew hid in the crates that the former were delivering. The Lothal rebels then encountered Darth Vader at the Imperial headquarters' starport. Following a fierce confrontation, the rebels managed to escape Lothal with the help of their old friend Lando Calrissian. Following the events on Lothal, the rebels reached a consensus that they could not return to the planet in order to avoid endangering its inhabitants. Unknown to the Lothal rebels, Darth Vader had placed a tracking device on their shuttle with the intention of "killing two birds with one stone" by eliminating both the Lothal rebels and the Phoenix rebel fleet. Chopper and his rebel comrades escaped Darth Vader's assault on the Phoenix Fleet. However, the Phoenix rebels lost their flagship Phoenix Home, which was heavily damaged by Vader's TIE Advanced x1 starfighter.[21]

Mission to Seelos


Chopper and his fellow rebels traveled to Seelos to meet Ahsoka's mysterious friend

Following the destruction of Phoenix Home, Chopper and his companions were again on the run from the Empire. At the suggestion of Ahsoka Tano, the crew of the Ghost traveled to the planet Seelos to seek out one of her old friends: the former Clone trooper Captain Rex. While Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, and Zeb traveled down to Seelos' surface on the Phantom, Chopper and Hera stayed behind to repair the Ghost. The other Lothal rebels succeeded in making contact with Rex and his two comrades Wolffe and Gregor. However, Wolffe, who believed the rebels were a threat, sent a coded transmission into hyperspace.[22]

This transmission was picked up by Admiral Kassius Konstantine and Agent Kallus, the latter a perennial foe of the rebel band.[22] Chopper and Hera were aboard the Ghost when Konstantine's Star Destroyer Relentless exited hyperspace above Seelos. In response, the two crew turned off all systems aboard the Ghost to avoid detection. Meanwhile, the other Lothal rebels and the three Clone veterans succeeded in defeating a force of AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus and escaping offworld. Thus, the rebels succeeded in recruiting the Clone troopers for the rebel cause.[23]

Encountering Double Trouble

Commander Meiloorun

Chopper and Zeb in the upside-down Phantom

Prior to one of Ezra's levitation classes, Chopper and Sabine decided to play a trick on the young Padawan by locking the astromech droid's feet to the ground. No matter how hard Ezra tried, he was unable to levitate Chopper. When Rex revealed the prank, Chopper and Sabine laughed. Later, Hera sent Chopper along with Sabine, Zeb, and Ezra to salvage some medical supplies from an abandoned Old Republic medical station. The four rebels left the Phoenix fleet and traveled to the space station. Unknown to them, another Inquisitor known as the Seventh Sister had set a trap for them.[24]

During their search, Chopper succeeded in powering up the abandoned space station. Unfortunately for the rebels, this attracted the attention of another Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother. While the other rebels looked for supplies, Chopper stayed behind to repair the corrupted files and inventory list. He then heard a strange noise echoing through the hallways and decided to investigate. Following the source of the noise, he was cornered and electrocuted by one of the Seventh Sister's ID9 seeker droids. Although down, Chopper managed to send out a distress call to his companions. The ID9 seeker droid was able to mimic Chopper's cry and lured Ezra and Sabine into another hallway where they were cornered by the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother.[24]

Ezra was captured by the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother but Sabine managed to escape and reunite with Zeb, who was stuck in a ventilation shaft. While navigating their way through the station, Sabine and Zeb were pursued by the Fifth Brother who managed to capture the Mandalorian girl. However, Zeb escaped and also managed to rescue Chopper. After securing Chopper onto the Phantom, the Lasat lured the two inquisitors into the station's hangar bay. During the ensuing struggle, he managed to free Ezra and Sabine. The four rebels then escaped into hyperspace with most of the medical supplies.[24]

Rescuing Vizago

Chopper double barrel

Chopper attacking Azmorigan

Following their misadventures on the abandoned medical station, Chopper and the other rebels set up camp on the planet Garel. Chopper served as a target when Ezra was doing blaster training with Captain Rex. Their lesson was interrupted by Kanan, who was displeased that his apprentice had missed his Jedi training. Later, Chopper and Ezra attended a meeting aboard the Ghost where Hera discussed an operation to aid colonists on the frozen planet of Rinn who were experiencing an energy crisis. While the other rebels took part in the mission, Chopper and Ezra were ordered by Hera to stay behind and to clean the Ghost as punishment for not cleaning the exhaust systems and laughing at Ezra respectively.[25]

While cleaning, Chopper and Ezra received a distress signal from the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago's ship, the Broken Horn. Seeing an opportunity to skip chores and to repay a favor to Vizago, Bridger and Chopper departed on the Phantom. In space, the pair sighted the Broken Horn and boarded the ship. While exploring the ship, the two separated. Chopper discovered a large supply of power generators; the ones which the rebels had been looking for. Meanwhile, Ezra headed to the bridge where he discovered that a Weequay pirate named Hondo Ohnaka had won control of Vizago's ship and droids following a game of sabacc.[25]

Ezra tricked Ohnaka into believing that he was "Lando Calrissian. When an Imperial ship showed up and attacked the Broken Horn, Chopper appeared in time to program the nav-computer and jump the ship into hyperspace. After escaping the Imperial forces, Chopper revealed that Ohnaka's trade were the generators he had found. Ohnaka planned to sell the generators to a buyer at Nixus for an exorbiant profit. Following some negotiations, Ohnaka and Ezra agreed to share the profit; with Ezra getting two crates of generators. However, Ezra did not fully trust the Weequay pirate. Unknown to Ohnaka, Ezra stole his droid controller and gave it to Chopper for safekeeping.[25]

Upon arriving at Nixus, Ezra and Ohnaka discovered that the buyer was the gangster Azmorigan, an old adversary of Ezra. Azmorigan was aware that the Rang Clan had placed a bounty on Ohnaka's head. Recognizing Ezra as one of the rebels who had helped Calrissian, he also sought the opportunity to get back at Ezra. The gangster planned to kill the two by dumping them into space. However, Ezra secretly contacted Chopper. The astromech droid came to their rescue by ramming one of the crates into Azmorigan and his men. During the ensuing gunfight, Chopper attacked Azmorigan with two blasters and stole his credits. Meanwhile, Ezra fought with his lightsaber; revealing his identity as a Jedi. After rescuing Ohnaka, Chopper and his companions departed Nixus and traveled back to Garel.[25]

While traveling back, Ezra and Chopper discovered an imprisoned Vizago in one of the Broken Horn's holds. He revealed that Ohnaka had stunned him and seized control of his droids. Chopper and Bridger released the Devaronian crimelord and confronted Ohnaka on the bridge. There, Ezra proposed a deal to the pirate; Bridger taking the generators and Ohnaka and Vizago splitting the profits among themselves. Unknown to Ezra, Vizago snatched the droid controller from him and turned the droids on Vizago and the two rebels. During the fighting, Ohnaka escaped back to Garel on the Ghost with the stolen generators. Having reclaimed his ship, Vizago dumped Chopper and Ezra in an escape pod and sent them back to Garel. Upon returning to the Ghost, Chopper and Ezra discovered Ohnaka among their rebel companions. Unlike Ezra, Chopper knew that the Phantom's autopilot was programmed to return to the Ghost. Ohnaka willingly conceded the five power generators but kept the proceeds.[25]

Mission to Ibaar

Later, Chopper and his companions participated in a mission to transport relief supplies to the planet Ibaar, which was blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Agent Kallus. Following the failure of the first attempt which resulted in the destruction of a rebel transport and Phoenix Leader, the crew of the Ghost embarked on a mission to contact the Mon Calamari engineer Quarrie, who lived on the planet Shantipole. Quarrie had developed a prototype starfighter known as the Blade Wing, which could break the blockade. While Hera, Sabine, and Zeb traveled down to Shantipole on the Phantom, Chopper along with Kanan and Ezra rendezvoused with a transport ship to pick up supplies for their second attempt to break the Imperial blockade at Ibaar.[26]

For the second attempt, the Ghost was designated as the transport ship. The Ghost and the rest of the Phoenix fleet converged on Ibaar and were joined by the Phoenix, which was carrying the Blade on its back. Using the Blade Wing, Hera destroyed an Arquitens-class light cruiser. This enabled the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. Chopper assisted Kanan and Ezra with dropping the supplies to the Ibaarians. Following the successful relief of Ibaar, Hera became the new Phoenix Leader.[26]

Hera talks to Ketsu and Sabine

Chopper (far left), his rebel companions and Ketsu Onyo (centre)

From Foe to Ally

Chopper along with Sabine and Ezra later participated in a mission to pick up a courier at the Garel City Spaceport and transport him to Havoc Outpost. While the rebels did not know what the courier looked like, Hera had told them that the person would respond to the code phrase: "It's a long way to Alderaan." After hours of waiting at the spaceport terminal, the trio discovered that the courier was a GNK power droid called EG-86. However, the three rebels were then cornered by a bounty hunter named Ketsu Onyo, an estranged friend of Sabine from the latter's days at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore.[27]

Ketsu was now working for the criminal syndicate Black Sun and demanded that the rebels hand over EG-86. Sabine refused and the two parties prepared for a showdown. However, they were interrupted by a stormtrooper patrol and a three-way gun battle broke out. While Sabine and Ezra held back the Imperials and Ketsu, Chopper got EG-86 aboard a shuttle. After Wren and Bridger had joined them on the shuttle, Chopper shut down the pilot droid and the rebels took off into space. During take-off, Ezra fell out of the shuttle's side door and was left behind.[27]

Together, Chopper and Sabine managed to escape into space. Before they could jump into hyperspace, their shuttle's hyperdrive was damaged by Ketsu's starship, the Shadow Caster. Ketsu also shot the shuttle's site door open, causing Chopper to get sucked out into the vacuum of space. With much difficulty, Sabine managed to save EG-86 and activate the force field. Ketsu then reiterated her demands to Sabine: hand over EG-86 or face destruction. However, Chopper managed to activate his rocket thrusters and used them to fly to the Shadow Caster. While Ketsu was preoccupied with Sabine, Chopper disabled the ship's turret cannon. This ruse allowed Sabine to escape in the shuttle.[27]

However, Chopper was caught in the Shadow Caster's tractor beam and taken hostage by Ketsu. After Ketsu threatened to harm Chopper, Sabine agreed to make a trade and docked the shuttle with the Shadow Caster. The arrival of an Imperial light cruiser forced Sabine and Ketsu to put aside their differences and to work together the Empire. Sabine devised a plan to escape which involved blowing up the shuttle while everyone else escaped on the Shadow Chaser. Under Sabine's orders, Chopper overloaded the shuttle's damaged hyperdrive. When Sabine was knocked out by Imperial laser fire, Chopper and EG-86 persuaded Ketsu to rescue Sabine. Together, the quartet managed to escape on the Shadow Chaser before the shuttle exploded. The explosion also damaged the Imperial light cruiser, forcing them to abandon their pursuit.[27]

Chopper and his companions along with Ketsu then delivered EG-86 to Havoc Outpost where he was picked up by a group of Alderaanian rebels that included R2-D2, whom he had encountered during an earlier mission to steal an Imperial shipment from Garel. Later, Chopper and his companions returned to their base on Garel where they were reunited with both Ezra and Hera.[27]

Sabotaging the Imperial Interdictor

Chopper the Imperial Droid

Chopper, disguised again as an Imperial astromech droid

Chopper along with Kanan and Rex participated in a mission in the Del Zennis system to rescue Ezra Bridger and Commander Jun Sato, whose CR90 corvette Liberator had been dragged out of hyperspace by an Imperial Interdictor, a prototype Imperial warship equipped with gravity well projectors. For that mission, Chopper was painted black and red so that he could pass as an Imperial astromech droid. Meanwhile, Kanan and Rex disguised themselves as stormtroopers. Together, the three rebels traveled on a stolen Sentinel-class landing craft to the coordinates where they had last received Sato's distress transmission.[28]

Chopper and his fellow rebels managed to dock in the Interdictor's hangar bay and enter the vessel due to their disguises. Accessing a terminal, Chopper learned that Ezra was being transferred to a secure cell. Together, the three rebels made their way there only to discover that Bridger had already freed himself. Mistaking Kanan and Rex for stormtroopers, Ezra shot them with his lightsaber-blaster; stunning them for a few seconds. After Bridger spotted Chopper, he quickly realized that he had shot Kanan and Rex. When the two awoke, Ezra claimed that they had been involved in a huge fight. However, Chopper played back a projection of what really happened; prompting Kanan to scold his apprentice. Rex laughed it off.[28]

After reuniting with Ezra, the four rebels decided to rescue Commander Sato and his men and to sabotage the ship's gravity well projectors. While Kanan and Rex went to rescue Sato, Chopper and Ezra traveled to the reactor core for the gravity well projectors. Since there were several technicians in the room, Chopper used Ezra to distract the Imperials while he accessed one of the terminals and turned off the gravity controls. After sabotaging the controls, Chopper reactivated the gravity controls; causing the technicians to fall down. Ezra managed to cling onto a platform and the two rebels fled as stormtroopers entered the area.[28]

The two droids then rejoined Commander Sato and his freed crew and together they escaped aboard the Liberator. The rebels were later joined by Kanan and Rex, who had escaped the Interdictor in an escape pod following a skirmish on the command bridge. With Imperial reinforcements arriving in the form of two light cruisers, Sato's corvette then attempted to jump into hyperspace only to be pulled out again by the Imperial Interdictor. When the other rebels complained, Chopper told them to wait. Due to Chopper's sabotage, the Interdictor's gravity well malfunctioned, causing the light cruisers to collide with the Interdictor. Amidst the destruction, Sato's corvette managed to jump into hyperspace. Commander Sato thanked Kanan, Rex, and Ezra for rescuing him and his crew. When Chopper pointed out he had done most of the work, Bridger mollified the droid by telling Chopper that it was a team effort.[28]

Rescuing Babies


Chopper and his companions traveled to Takobo to confront the Inquisitors

Later, Chopper along with Kanan, Zeb, and Ezra took part in a mission to Hammertown, a settlement on the planet Takobo. The rebels' Jedi ally Ahsoka Tano had discovered that the Empire's Inquisitors had a secondary mission to their primary mission of hunting down Jedi: kidnapping Force-sensitive babies. Ahsoka had managed to decode two sets of coordinates. While she traveled to Chandel, she sent the four rebels to investigate what the Inquisitors were after on Takobo. Chopper and his rebel companions traveled to Takobo aboard the Phantom; with Chopper sitting in the shuttle's astromech socket.[29]

After landing in Hammertown, Chopper and the other rebels quickly discovered that the Inquisitors' coordinates were housing units. While Kanan and Ezra traveled to the housing unit, Chopper and Zeb stayed behind at the spaceport to search for any ships belonging to the Inquisitors. Several hours later, the two rebels discovered two TIE Advanced starfighters in a hangar bay. These TIE fighters belonged to the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother, the two Inquisitors they had encountered on the abandoned Republic medical station. While examining the starfighter, they found an infant called Alora inside one of the starfighters. They were then cornered by one of the Sister's ID9 seeker droids but Zeb destroyed it with his bo-rifle.[29]

After rescuing Alora, Chopper and Zeb destroyed the Inquisitors' TIE fighters to prevent them from pursuing the rebels. Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan discovered that the Inquisitors were kidnapping Force-sensitive babies. Kanan quickly contacted Zeb and instructed him to find the Ithorian infant Oora before the Inquisitors got to it. While Zeb went to retrieve Oora from a decoy droid, Chopper babysat Alora. He used his mechanical arms to put the baby to sleep and waited aboard the Phantom for his rebel comrades to return. After recovering Oora and fighting off the Inquisitors with the help of Ahsoka, Chopper and his companions fled Hammertown aboard the Phantom and fled back to Garel.[29]

Escaping Garel

In response to Ezra's accidental disclosure of the rebel presence on Garel, the Galactic Empire assembled troops and warships for an assault on Garel. In the early hours of the morning, Chopper and Zeb were shopping the market for supplies when Zeb received word from Sabine to return to the Ghost. Ezra wanted to travel to Lothal to search for his parents Ephraim and Mira Bridger. In addition, Sabine had received intelligence that the Imperial fleet above Lothal had departed. When Zeb reported that they had not sighted any Imperial patrols in the streets of Lothal, Sabine revealed that it was standard Imperial procedure to withdraw patrols prior to launching a major strike.[30]

Shortly later, Chopper and Zeb were pursued by several stormtroopers and fled back to the Ghost's hangar bay. During a brief gun battle, Chopper hid behind several crates while Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb fought off the stormtroopers. After escaping Agent Kallus, the Seventh Sister, and the Fifth Brother, Chopper and his companions fled up the Ghost's gangplank and departed into the atmosphere. While airborne, Chopper along with Ezra and Kanan departed on the Phantom. After finding a gap in the Imperial forces, the Phantom managed to flee into hyperspace.[30]

After landing on Lothal, Chopper stayed aboard the Phantom while Ezra and Kanan went after the loth-cat that Ezra had seen in his Force vision earlier. Ezra tracked the cat to a speeder bike and managed to plant a locator on the vehicle before it departed into the wilderness. Chopper accompanied his rebel companions as they flew the Phantom to the coordinates of the locator. There, they encountered Ryder Azadi, a former Governor of Lothal who had been imprisoned for defending his parents' anti-Imperial broadcasts. Chopper and Kanan listened as Azadi recounted how Ezra's broadcast had inspired his parents and several other prisoners to stage a breakout from their prison. However, they had died during the escape attempt.[30]

Leia and the Ghost crew

Chopper joined forces with his fellow rebels and Princess Leia to steal three Hammerhead corvettes

Rendezvous on Lothal

Later, Chopper stayed behind with Ryder Azadi while Kanan and Ezra traveled to the town of Jalath to rendezvous with Princess Leia Organa, the daughter of the Alderaanian Senator Bail Organa, who was a secret supporter of the rebellion. Leia had come to Lothal deliver three Hammerhead corvettes to the rebellion. In order to fool the Imperials, Senator Organa had made arrangements with the rebels to "steal" the corvettes. While Kanan and Ezra were away, Chopper and Azadi were captured by several stormtroopers, who had orders to kill Azadi. However, Kanan, Ezra, Leia along with the other crew of the Ghost reappeared and attacked the Imperials. After securing the Phantom, Chopper escaped with the rebels who pretended to abduct Leia.[31]

Following their rescue, the rebels worked out a plan to steal the Hammerhead corvettes from Supply Master Yogar Lyste's base. Due to the frequent thefts of Senator Organa's ships, Lyste had installed gravity locks on the three corvettes; making it hard for the rebels to "steal" them. Azadi offered to help the rebels disable the gravity locks since he had built them during his incarceration and was familiar with their inner workings. While Kanan, Ezra and Leia distracted Lyste, Chopper along with Azadi and Sabine proceeded to disable the gravity lock on the first Hammerhead corvette. Sabine then departed on the first vessel.[31]

Sabine's departure on the Hammerhead corvette however alerted the Imperials who realized that the rebels had infiltrated the base. Chopper and Ryder proceeded to disable the second gravity lock but were spotted by Lyste and his men. Fortunately for Chopper and Ryder, Kanan and Ezra managed to knock out the Imperials with the Force. While Kanan and Ezra fought off the Imperials, Chopper and Ryder managed to disable the second gravity lock; allowing Kanan to depart on the second Hammerhead corvette. The two rebels then moved on to the third gravity lock. While Chopper disabled the gravity lock, Ryder entered the third corvette's bridge and prepared it for takeoff; knocking down an AT-AT walker by engaging the ship's thrusters. Chopper then escaped aboard the Phantom. Having seized control of the Hammerhead corvettes, Chopper and his fellow rebels returned to the Phoenix fleet with Ryder, who decided to join the rebellion.[31]

Mission to Concord Dawn

Fenn Rau captured

Chopper (obscured) manned the Phantom during a sensitive mission to the Concord Dawn system

Chopper later accompanied Kanan and Sabine on a mission to the third moon of Concord Dawn. Earlier, Hera Syndulla, the leader of Phoenix Squadron, had traveled to the Concord Dawn system to negotiate passage for the Phoenix rebels through that star system. Concord Dawn was home to a Mandalorian colony inhabited by the Protectors, a faction led by Fenn Rau. Under Rau's leadership, the Protectors had allied themselves with the Empire and subsequently attacked Hera's mission, gravely wounding the Phoenix Leader. With negotiations no longer an option, Kanan received authorization from Commander Sato to infiltrate the Protectors Camp on the third moon and destroy their Fang fighters. For this mission, Kanan chose Chopper to accompany him on the Phantom.[32]

Chopper initially grumbled about the mission but complied with Kanan's orders. After arriving in the Concord Dawn system, Chopper informed Kanan that that Sabine Wren had stowed aboard the Phantom. Sabine wanted to seek vengeance against the Protectors for harming Hera. While Kanan was willing to destroy the Protectors' starfighters, he still wanted to try a diplomatic solution. Under Kanan's instructions, Chopper dropped Kanan and Sabine near the Protectors Camp before flying the Phantom away from the base. Meanwhile at the camp, Kanan tried unsuccessfully to convince Fenn Rau to join the rebellion while Sabine managed to plant explosives on seven of the starfighters before she was discovered. Sabine challenged Rau to a duel and managed to destroy seven of the Fang fighters.[32]

After fighting off Rau's men, Sabine contacted Chopper to tell the droid to pick them up in mid-air. Despite their efforts, Rau's fighter remained intact and he attempted to use it to attack the rebel fleet. However, Kanan managed to grab onto the starfighter and damage it. After overpowering Rau, he grabbed the Mandalorian Protector and leapt into the rear entrance of the Phantom, where Sabine were waiting. Chopper then took the Phantom back to the rebel fleet. Defeated, Rau surrendered to the rebels and instructed his followers not to send reinforcements to attack the rebel fleet. He also instructed his men to stand down and to keep his capture a secret from the Empire. Due to the joint efforts of Kanan, Sabine, and Chopper, the rebels gained passage through the Concord Dawn system.[32]

Rediscovery of Lira San

Finding the way to Lirasan

Chopper (right) generating a holographic map of the galaxy with Lira San's location

After Ezra received a tip from the pirate Hondo Ohnaka about the impending arrival of two refugees fleeing the Empire, Chopper and the other crew of the Ghost accompanied Ezra to Nixus Hub 218. Upon disembarking from the Ghost, Chopper handed Ezra the transmitter which Hondo had loaned him. Shortly later, the rebels made their way to a cargo container where they discovered Imperial stormtroopers arresting two Lasat refugees, who turned out to be the former Lasan High Honor Guard Gron and the mystic Chava the Wise. The rebels rescued the refugees and quickly overpowered the Imperials. Shortly later, Hondo arrived at the scene and revealed that he had been Ezra's secret source.[33]

Gron and Chava wanted to travel to the legendary Lasat homeworld of Lira San, which Zeb dismissed as a myth. While making their way back to the Ghost, Chopper and his fellow rebels were pursued by stormtroopers. However, they were able to escape when Hondo closed several doors, preventing the Imperials from reaching the rebels. After fighting off more stormtroopers in the hangar bay, the rebels escaped aboard the Ghost and jumped into hyperspace. Once aboard, Chopper remarked in binary that Chava was "weird", prompting an angry outburst from the Lasat mystic. Despite this acrimonious start, Chopper cooperated with the Lasats during a ceremony to find their way to Lira San.[33]

Chopped aided the quest to Lira San by projecting a holographic map of the galaxy. After assembling his bo-rifle in the traditional Lasat way, Zeb was able to pinpoint Lira San's location in Wild Space. Traveling to the coordinates, the crew of the Ghost encountered a collapsed star cluster blocking their passage to Lira San. Shortly later, they were cornered by an Imperial light cruiser commanded by Agent Kallus, a perennial foe of the rebels. Chopper and his fellow rebels watched as Zeb used his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost through the dangerous maze. The Imperial cruiser attempted to follow the Ghost but was forced to retreat due to the gravitational pull of the star cluster.[33]

Upon making their way through the star cluster, the crew of the Ghost sighted Lira San in the horizon. While the other crew had collapsed from exhaustion, Chopper alone stayed await and kicked Ezra with one of his wheels. Chopper and the other crew stayed aboard while Zeb, Chava, and Gron traveled to the planet on the Phantom. There, Zeb and his companions discovered that Lira San was home to millions of Lasat and would be a safe refugee for the Lasat species. When Zeb returned on the Phantom, Chopper grumbled upon learning that he had to put back Zeb's things in his room and that there were millions more Lasat in the galaxy.[33]

Raid on the asteroid gas refinery

Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery

Chopper and his companions raided an asteroid gas refinery

Chopper and his fellow rebels later took part in a heist on an Asteroid Belt Gas Refinery to obtain fuel for the Ghost and the Phoenix rebel cell. On the way, their ship was surrounded by several purrgils, large space-dwelling creatures that could travel through hyperspace. While Hera felt threatened by the purrgil herd, Ezra convinced her not to attack the creatures. Shortly later, the crew of the Ghost came to the aid of the purrgils when two Mining Guild TIE fighters attacked them. The rebels decided to travel with the purrgils and discovered that they were heading to the same destination.[34]

After the Ghost settled on a cliff overlooking the gas refinery, Sabine hatched a plan to steal several fuel canisters and use detonators to ignite the dense Clouzon-36 gas clouds nearby; destroying the refinery and denying its services to the Empire. Chopper along with Kanan, Ezra, and Sabine then jumped onto a landing platform outside the refinery. During the jump, Sabine rode on Chopper who activated his rockets to control his descent. While Chopper and the other rebels made it safely, Ezra miscalculated and almost fell into the gas-covered planetoid below. Shortly later, they were attacked by several Rodian guards.[34]

Before Sabine could ignite the detonators, Ezra convinced her not to blow them up since the purrgils depended on the gas on the survive. While Ezra used a gun emplacement to ward off the refinery's security guards, Chopper and the other rebels began loading fuel canisters onto the Ghost, which had landed on the platform. Before they could finish powering up the Ghost, Chopper and his rebel comrades were surrounded by the refinery's manager Yushyn and several guards. Yushyn demanded that the rebels surrender but Ezra arrived with several purrgil which attacked the Mining Guild forces.[34]

Chopper and the other rebels took advantage of this action to finish their loading and to flee the facility. Before leaving, the Ghost destroyed the gas refinery with its laser cannons. Once in space, they were reunited with Ezra and the purrgils. From Ezra, they learned that the purgils depended on the gas to survive and to jump into hyperspace. Having completed their mission, Chopper and the other rebels followed their new purrgil allies through hyperspace.[34]

Mission to Ryloth

The crew of the Ghost

Chopper (far right) and his fellow rebels following the successful Ryloth heist

With the Phoenix rebels needing a safe place to land their starfighters, Chopper and the crew of the Ghost participated in a mission to steal an Imperial fighter carrier orbiting the planet Ryloth, the homeworld of the Twi'lek species and Captain Hera Syndulla. For this mission, Hera enlisted the help of her estranged father Cham Syndulla and two other Ryloth rebels Numa and Gobi Glie. When Kanan introduced the rest of the Ghost crew to the newcomers but omitted to mentioned Chopper, the astromech droid grunted in annoyance.[6]

Later, Chopper was present when Hera gave a briefing of their plan to steal the Imperial carrier. Using a stolen TIE bomber, they would board the ship and hijack it. However, Cham disagreed with Hera's plans and recommended destroying the carrier in order to stop Imperial bombing runs on Ryloth. In the end, Hera was able to convince her father to support their plans by pointing out that both sides needed each other to stop the Empire.[6]

Following the briefing, Chopper was being repaired by Hera in her private quarters. Ezra then entered the room and asked Hera about her difficult relationship with Cham. During the conversation, Hera recounted how her father had spent his entire life fighting the Separatists and the Empire. After Hera's mother died, Cham had neglected her to focus on the cause of freeing Ryloth from Imperial rule. Shortly later, Cham entered the room and informed the rebels that they should be getting ready for their mission.[6]

After Ezra left, Cham quickly recognized Chopper as the old astromech droid that Hera had found during the Clone Wars. Hera responded that the droid's name was Chopper, prompting Chopper to beep in affirmation. When Cham made the offhand remark that they would have won Ryloth had Hera showed him the save devotion that she had shown Chopper (whom he termed a "second rate junkpile"), the astromech droid grunted in protest. When Cham disparaged the rebellion as a "lost cause", Hera replied that the rebels were fighting to free everyone including Ryloth. Cham then responded that outsiders could not be trusted and that only Ryloth mattered. Unable to resolve their differences, Cham stormed out of the room; leaving Hera alone with Chopper.[6]

Chopper accompanied the Lothal rebels and their Ryloth allies as they traveled on Cham's Nu-class transport to their destination. Upon exiting hyperspace, the rebels entered the stolen TIE bomber and headed towards the fighter carrier. Hera managed to trick the Imperials into letting them dock by arranging for two rebel A-wing starfighters to attack the bomber. However, once they had landed aboard the fighter carrier, Cham and his Twi'lek comrades stunned and overpowered Chopper and the other rebels. They then proceeded on their original mission to destroy the Imperial carrier.[6]

Hera managed to kick Chopper awake and got the astromech droid to free her of her bonds. After freeing the other rebels, Hera resolved that their cell would stop Cham from destroying the fighter carrier. While Zeb and Sabine headed to the munitions racks to stop Numa and Gobi, Chopper accompanied Hera, Ezra, and Kanan as they made their way to the command bridge. After fighting through several stormtroopers and blast doors, the four rebels entered the command bridge. There, Ezra used his Force powers to force the commander to order a general evacuation of all Imperial personnel aboard the ship.[6]

Shortly later, they encountered Cham who revealed that he had sabotaged the ship's hyperdrive. Following a lengthy argument, Hera managed to convince her father that it was in Ryloth's best interests to ensure that the carrier fell into the hands of the rebellion. The two rebel groups then worked together to stop Imperial reinforcements from recapturing the carrier. Cham instructed Chopper to repair the ship's hyperdrive's third and fourth couplings to the main reactor. Chopper succeeded in repairing the hyperdrive and the rebels were able to escape into hyperspace after destroying an Imperial light cruiser. After Hera and Cham reconciled, Chopper and the other rebels bid farewell to their Twi'lek allies as they departed on their transport.[6]

Mission to Geonosis

Chopper vs Imperial astromech

Chopper and an Imperial astromech fight over the door control.

Chopper and his fellow rebels later participated in a mission to investigate an Imperial construction module above Geonosis. Upon approaching Geonosis, Chopper scanned the planet for life but there was none to be found. Suspicious, Rex requested that Chopper performed another scan which came up with same results. Ezra then sensed through the Force that all life on Geonosis had been extinguished somehow. Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost with Hera and Rex while the other rebels ventured into the module. Shortly later, the other rebels were trapped by Imperial forces who were helped by an Imperial astromech droid that shut the doors.[35]

Meanwhile, the Ghost came under attack from several All Terrain Defense Pods that had been hidden in the hangar. Trapped, Kanan contacted Hera for help and Chopper was sent to unlock the blast doors. Chopper rushed to the control module where he fought with the Imperial droid. After a struggle, Chopper managed to electrocute the rival astromech droid. Due to his efforts, the other rebels with the exception of Zeb were able to board the Ghost and flee into space. Unable to rejoin the rebels since he was locked in a duel with Agent Kallus, Zeb instead escaped through an escape pod but was followed by Kallus.[35]

After the Ghost managed to escape into space, Ezra ordered Chopper to track Zeb's trajectory. When the astromech droid grumbled, Ezra slammed his metal head and told Chopper not to be a "sleemo." After some difficulty, the rebels managed to track down Zeb's transponder to the icy moon of Bahryn. There, Zeb and Kallus had developed an unlike friendship and appreciation for each other. Since Chopper did not have a good relationship with Zeb, he stayed aboard the Ghost while the other rebels greeted Zeb on the exit ramp.[35]

Accompanying the Jedi


Chopper flying the Phantom away from Oosalon

Chopper later accompanied Kanan and Ezra to scout the storm world of Oosalon as a potential site for a new rebel base. While Kanan and Ezra explored the planet, Chopper stayed in the socket of the Phantom and remained airborne to provide a quick get-away. His Jedi companions were subsequently ambushed by two Inquisitors known as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister respectively. Following a lightsaber duel, the two Jedi managed to escape on a winged creature known as the tibidee. Chopper rendezvoused the Phantom in mid-air and picked up Ezra and Kanan. Together, they retreated into hyperspace.[36]

Once in space, Kanan arranged for Hera to meet them away from Phoenix Squadron in deep space to avoid drawing the Inquisitors to the rebel fleet. Chopper docked the Phantom in the Ghost's rear section. Later, Chopper piloted the Phantom from his astromech socket when Kanan and Ezra departed with their Jedi ally Ahsoka Tano for the Jedi Temple on Lothal. The three Jedi wanted to seek answers from the Jedi Master Yoda on how to deal with the threat posed by the Inquisitors, who were making it hard for them to help the rebellion establish a base.[36]

While the Jedi entered the temple, Chopper waited with the Phantom and kept watch over the area. Later that night, Chopper's satellite picked up some movement. He quickly got into the Phantom and flew the shuttle into the sky. This allowed him to escape the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, who had arrived to hunt down the three Jedi. After Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka escaped the temple, Chopper picked them up and together they escaped into space before Imperial reinforcements could arrive.[36]

Personality and traits

"And then there's that droid. Chopper or something? It's got lots of attitude for a machine."


Due to his advanced age and lack of consistent maintenance, Chopper developed a sarcastic, and cranky demeanor. While Chopper got on well with Hera, Kanan, and Sabine, he had a fraught relationship with Ezra and Zeb; whom he often played tricks on.[37] Unlike other astrodroids such as R2-D2, Chopper did not care about being loved by the organics he worked with and seemed to dislike other astromechs. While he was always cantankerous, stubborn, and irritable, Chopper did have the crew's best interests in mind and would always help them during a problem, prompting his partners to forgive his personality quirks. Though he did not get along with the Ghost's computer, the Phantom followed Chopper's commands without question.[5]

Chopper also had a mischievous and sadistic streak which led him to sometimes endanger his fellow crew members on the Ghost. On one occasion, he nearly caused the death of Ezra by knocking him off the Ghost in mid-air. Despite the incident, he showed no remorse and continued tossing jugs at him. Zeb suggested his personality flaws were due to damaged logic circuits.[11] He once ejected from an Imperial communications ship, launching himself harmlessly into space but causing a group of stormtroopers to be sucked into the void with him. Chopper appeared to particularly dislike other droids and never hesitated to cause them harm, whether his mission called for it or not. On one occasion, he became jealous of the Imperial courier droid 264 and threw him out of the Ghost in mid-air.[20]

Despite his cantankerousness Chopper was also capable of showing affection when it suited him. Despite their hostile first encounter, he grew fond of C-3PO, after the latter complimented him for his polite "manners."[9] In addition, Chopper also had a sense of team spirit and loyalty to his fellow Ghost companions. On one occasion, his affection towards Kanan led him to join forces with Sabine, Zeb, and Ezra on a mission to rescue Kanan.[20] On another occasion, he refused to leave Sabine behind and persuaded her estranged friend Ketsu Onyo to rescue her from her derelict shuttle before it exploded.[27] Despite starting off on the wrong foot with Ezra, Chopper eventually developed a working if somewhat uneasy relationship with the young Jedi rebel. On one occasion, he rescued Ezra and Hondo Ohnaka from being killed by the crime lord Azmorigan.[25] While Chopper did not get on well with Zeb most of the time, Zeb still respected the astromech droid well enough to rescue him during a fraught mission to salvage medical supplies.[24]

Skills and abilities

By the time of the Siege of Lothal, Chopper was known to have existed for a few decades past his manufacturer's expiry date. As a result, most of his original components had been replaced by second hand parts. Chopper made himself an invaluable member of the Ghost by customizing the vessel to such a degree that he was the only one who understood its systems well enough to maintain it. Despite his mechanical skills, he preferred to do mundane activities such as playing dejarik rather than performing his allocated chores aboard the Ghost. His favorite feature was his electroshock prod, which he used to shock enemies on a number of occasions.[2] Chopper communicated in binary, a common droid language. Unlike R2-D2, Chopper had a retractable wheel instead of a retractable leg.[5]

Behind the scenes


Designer Michael McMaster posing between Chopper and R2-D2

"If Artoo's your favorite dog, Chopper's the cat."
Star Wars Rebels Executive Producer Dave Filoni[src]

C1-10P appears in the animated television series Star Wars Rebels, which began airing on Disney XD in fall 2014. His appearance is directly inspired from concept artist Ralph McQuarrie's original Episode IV design sketches for R2-D2. According to Star Wars Rebels' executive producer Dave Filoni, Chopper's actions were meant to reflect his destructive and cantankerous nature. Filoni also stressed that he and the production team had carefully selected the names of the series' characters in order to imbued them with a sense of purpose and meaning.[38]

At the behest of Star Wars Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni, the writer, director, and R2-D2 Builders Club member Michael McMaster constructed a fully articulated, life-size model of Chopper for reference in creating the animated series. McMaster's final product was built in about eighty-seven days.[39] Chopper appeared on a 2014 episode of America's Funniest Home Videos.[40]


Non-canon appearances


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