C2-B5 was an astromech droid in the service of the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Era. The droid was frequently subjected to memory wipes to keep it subservient, causing the astromech to have no distinctive personality. It was capable of deploying a large personal energy shield, scanning the area for hostiles, and releasing a poisonous dioxis gas.

Once deployed in an Imperial facility near Fortress Vader on the lava world of Mustafar, C2-B5 was stationed in the Imperial security complex on the planet Scarif in 0 BBY, patrolling for needed maintenance and performing computer network sweeps within the Citadel Tower's data vault. The droid was present in the Citadel when the Battle of Scarif broke out against the Rebel Alliance, which resulted in the destruction of the entire base by the Empire's Death Star superweapon.


C2-B5 was an astromech droid who served the Galactic Empire during its reign across the galaxy.[1] Sometime prior to the official formation of the Rebel Alliance[5] in the year 2 BBY,[6] the droid was deployed in an Imperial base located near Fortress Vader,[7] the personal residence of the Sith Lord Darth Vader, on the volcanic planet Mustafar.[8] The droid was present at the base when a team of rebels, including the rebel pilot Athex and ex-Imperial security droid K-2SO, disguised themselves as stormtroopers and infiltrated the facility to recover intelligence regarding a powerful artifact in Imperial possession.[7]

C2-B5 approaches Jyn Erso, a rebel infiltrator disguised in an Imperial ground crew uniform.

In 0 BBY,[9] the droid was stationed in the Imperial security complex on the Outer Rim planet Scarif, tasked with searching for maintenance needs and sweeping the computer network to locate any electronic discrepancies within the data vault of the Citadel Tower.[1] The Imperial droid was present in the Citadel when a rebel squad called Rogue One infiltrated the base to steal the plans for the Empire's Death Star superweapon. Three undercover rebel agentsJyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and K-2SO—walked past C2-B5 inside the base.[10]

Later, when rebel troopers outside the base began their attack to facilitate the rebel trio's entrance into the data vault, the astromech was roaming the Citadel corridors alongside the stormtrooper garrison rushing to intercept the rebel infiltrators. The Battle of Scarif eventually concluded with the Alliance's theft of the plans and the destruction of the entire Imperial complex by the Death Star's superlaser.[10]


C2-B5 had gunmetal plating with matte black and silver accent panels.

C2-B5 was a sinister-looking astromech droid[11] that stood 0.93 meters (3 feet 1 inch) tall.[2] Featuring gunmetal plating with matte black and silver accent panels around its cylindrical body, C2-B5 contained a black sensor and a processor state indicator on the front of its dome[3] that produced a red light, which could alternatively switch to blue.[4] The astromech also had another indicator on the back of its dome[3] that emitted light in alternating yellow and green.[4] C2-B5's dome additionally featured illuminated logic function and diagnostic light display ports,[3] and the droid also had a retractable third leg.[4]

As an Imperial droid, C2-B5 was not granted independence and was routinely subjected to memory wipes by Imperial technicians to ensure its subservience.[12] For this reason, the droid did not have any sort of distinctive personality[1] and considered serving the Empire as its sole purpose until it was destroyed or its memory was wiped for a new mission.[13]



C2-B5 was equipped with a deflector shield generator capable of deploying a large personal energy shield,[14] and the astromech could also release toxic dioxis gas in order to neutralize nearby opponents. The droid was additionally able to emit a 360-degree scan pulse burst that revealed enemies out of sight.[4]

Behind the scenes[]


"There was a lot of thought given to making changes to the R2 units while staying within the protocol of what's been established. [The C2-B5] is a product of that imagination."
―Neal Scanlan[15]

C2-B5 in LEGO Star Wars Battles

The character of C2-B5 was created for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,[15] the 2016 film that marks the first entry in the Star Wars Anthology Series.[16] The droid was first seen in a behind-the-scenes reel for Rogue One that debuted at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016,[17] and it was later fully revealed in an episode of The Star Wars Show, a then-weekly digital video series by Lucasfilm, released on August 31, 2016.[18]

According to Neal Scanlan, creature effects supervisor for Rogue One, C2-B5 was created upon the idea of reimagining R2 units while respecting the model's established characteristics.[15] Despite the droid's prominent presence in the film's marketing and merchandising, C2-B5 only briefly appeared in the film as a background character.[19] A physical model for C2-B5 was built and used for the Scarif Citadel interiors sequence,[20][21] which was shot at the Canary Wharf station on the London Underground in a single night.[1] In the non-canonical LEGO Star Wars Battles mobile game, the droid is equipped with an electric arm that can be used to repair allied structures and zap enemy ground troops.[22] Additionally, the concept art for First Order Cargo, a real-life store in Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge themed land, features repurposed promotional images of C2-B5.[23]

Star Wars Battlefront and Secrets of the Empire[]

"As the director of Advanced Weapons Research, Krennic has access to C2-B5, an astromech droid, and can deploy it in battle. This droid will periodically scan the area for enemies, and will protect itself by deploying a large personal shield. Once C2-B5 detects a Rebel, it will release a dioxis gas to neutralize the enemy. This capablity to detect and dispatch enemies gives Krennic ability to impact the movement of both allies and enemies on the battlefield."
―Official Electronic Arts website[14]

C2-B5 deploys a large personal energy shield in Star Wars Battlefront.

Prior to the release of Rogue One, C2-B5 made its first canonical appearance in the Rogue One: Scarif expansion pack of the video game Star Wars Battlefront,[4] released on December 6, 2016.[24] In the game, the droid can be deployed into battle as a non-playable character by the player-controlled Director Orson Krennic.[4] The astromech then generates a large personal shield[14] to protect itself and its Imperial allies, releases a cloud of dioxis gas to deal damage to nearby rebel troopers, and periodically scans the area to reveal enemies hidden from view.[4]

Due to its outstanding look, according to Lucasfilm Story Group's Matt Martin, C2-B5 was included in Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire,[25] a 2017 hyper-reality experience by ILMxLAB and The VOID.[26] The droid can be physically interacted in the experience's Disney Parks locations.[27]


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