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"I am Ceetoo Deefour, former translator to Her Imminence, Queen Lina of Onderon; and this is my current master, the renowned illicit-transport specialist Jakarro."

C2-D4 was a protocol droid that originally belonged to Queen Lina of the planet Onderon before he came into the ownership of the Wookiee Jakarro, who removed the droid's limbs and carried his head strung around his neck as a translator. One of the few protocol droids in the galaxy to bear a criminal record, C2-D4 exhibited an uncommon capacity for deception and murder even before he became Jakarro's partner, and used his language skills to manipulate events towards profitable outcomes. He was eventually assigned to assist the short-tempered Jakarro on the Wookiee's visit to Onderon's royal court, and the court allowed Jakarro to take C2-D4 with him when the smuggler left.



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