C6-E3-GE3 was a GE3-series protocol droid that worked in Vogga the Hutt's droid warehouse during the age of the Jedi Civil War. At one time he had been in charge of directing the other droids in the warehouse, until he was replaced with a newer, and supposedly superior, C7-E3-GE3 model. Much to his dismay, C6 was re-assigned to assist C7 instead, and C7's arrogant and condscending nature infuriated him. He attempted several times to convince his owners that the C7 unit should be shipped to maintenance, but as Vogga had little concern over the details of how the warehouse was ran, his requests were ignored.

In 3951 BBY, T3-M4 infiltrated the warehouse to bring one of Vogga's freighter transponder codes to find his master, Meetra Surik, and T3 was assigned to "assist" C6. When T3 discovered the hostility between the two protocol droids, he offered a way for C6 to regain his old position if he would then grant him access to the secured areas. C6-E3 agreed, and when T3 destroyed the C7 unit, C6 took over his old position. Unfortunately, his accomplishment would be short-lived, as soon afterwards a trio of HK-50 assassin droids infiltrated the warehouse, and destroyed him in a hail of blaster fire as they pursued the rogue T3.



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