"Ha! I guess that droid is really going to serve his master tonight!"
Canderous Ordo[1]

C8-42-GE3 was a GE3-series protocol droid on Dantooine during the time of the Jedi Civil War. He belonged to the husband of Elise Montagne; after his death, he was left to Elise, who began to treat the droid as if he were her late husband. C8-42 deemed this unhealthy, therefore he ran away and attempted to commit suicide by letting kath hounds destroy him. In 3956 BBY when Revan was on Dantooine at the Jedi Enclave, Montagne asked him to find C8-42 and bring him back.

Revan and his comrades located the droid, surrounded by kath hounds attempting to destroy it. They killed the hounds, rescuing the droid. However, C8-42 asked Revan to destroy him, as he had decided that this would end Elise's obsessive relationship and allow her to meet new people. Revan obliged, and returned to Elise to tell her. When she heard that her droid had been destroyed, she ran to the nearby Jedi Enclave for comfort. There she met Samnt, with whom she developed a healthier relationship. They planned to move on for Coruscant.

Behind the scenes[]

"I don't think I ever felt so bad for a droid before."
Carth Onasi[1]

C8-42 appears in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in which the player controlling Revan has several choices. They can ignore Elise's request, send C8-42 back to Elise, destroy C8-42 and tell Elise that the hounds did it, or destroy C8-42 and tell Elise the truth.

If Revan convinces C8-42 to return to Elise, saying that it would affect her greatly to lose her droid companion, Elise's unhealthy relationship with C8-42 continues and she does not meet Samnt.

Dark side options[]

If the player tells Elise that the droid was nowhere to be found, she runs out onto the dangerous plains to find him. This is a definite dark-side-oriented action. In another alternative dark side ending, instead of promising to C8-42 to explain to Elise why he had chosen to be destroyed, Revan tells the droid that he would destroy him and tell Elise that he never found him instead. Shocked at his cruelty, the harmless droid becomes enraged and attacks him, and is easily destroyed. Afterwards Revan can lie to Elise and say C8-42 couldn't be found, and Elise futilely begins searching the plains herself.



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