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"Don't mind CB-23, kid. She's a little…particular."
―Poe Dameron to Kazuda Xiono on CB-23[src]

CB-23 was a BB-series astromech droid with feminine programming who was a member of the Resistance in 34 ABY. She was assigned to Commander Poe Dameron while BB-8 was stationed on the Colossus with Kazuda Xiono. After Dameron took back BB-8 before going on a mission to Jakku, CB-23 replaced him in the misson on the Colossus platform.


CB-23 was a BB-series astromech droid. She was manufactured sometime prior to 34 ABY, by which time she was a member of the Resistance. After BB-8, Commander Poe Dameron's usual droid, was temporarily stationed to the Colossus platform to keep an eye on newly recruited spy Kazuda Xiono, CB-23 was assigned to Dameron as a replacement.[2]

Incident in Sector sixEdit

Dameron visited Castilon briefly with CB-23 to check up on Xiono and take him flying. CB-23 piloted a T-70 X-wing starfighter, which Xiono was loaned. On the flight, the pilots and droids came across a derelict Darius G-class freighter in an asteroid field near the planet, and investigated. CB-23 and BB-8 initially didn't get along very well during the search, but bonded after BB-8 got rid of a Kowakian monkey-lizard bothering CB-23. Afterwards, she located a survivor onboard the ship, Synara San, directing Xiono to the crate she had hidden in. After the return to Castilon, she and BB-8 waved goodbye to each other before she and Dameron left in the X-wings.[2]

First Order entanglementsEdit

CB-23 next saw BB-8 and Xiono when they rendezvoused with the Resistance to deliver intel about the proposal the First Order had made to Imanuel Doza. She and BB-8 had a reunion that prompted Dameron to refer to them as "lovedroids." When Dameron was sent on a mission to investigate a set of coordinates in the Unknown Regions, CB-23 flew in his X-wing. When Dameron and Xiono discovered a mining facility, Station Theta Black, at the coordinates, CB-23 scanned the facility and detected no lifesigns or active droids. Dameron and Xiono landed inside to investigate, and CB piloted both X-wings to hide in the nearby asteroid field and await the signal for a pickup. When the First Order arrived at the facility, as it was slated for demolition that day, she saw them and immediately contacted BB-8 so he could warn Dameron and Xiono. When she was ordered to bring the fighters in, she flew them past Major Elrik Vonreg and his squadron of TIE fighters. After Dameron, Xiono and BB-8 boarded their fighters, the four Resistance members eventually escaped the area, and reported back to base.[5]

Mission to the Dassal systemEdit

After the First Order had occupied the Colossus, Dameron returned to Castilon to pick up BB-8, who had been assigned with him on a mission to Jakku. He told Xiono that he had brought along CB-23 so she could take BB-8's place on his mission. After Xiono showed Dameron intel about First Order activity in a star system, Dameron decided to bring Xiono along to check out the system. CB-23 rode in Dameron's X-wing for the mission. When the pilots landed on a formerly inhabited moon, Dameron asked CB-23 to stay with his X-wing and the Fireball and keep them ready in case they had to leave.[4]

Shortly thereafter, when the destruction of a First Order probe droid led to the arrival of a squadron of TIE fighters, Dameron ordered CB-23 to get his X-wing ready for takeoff, and she flew the ship around before picking up Dameron. After Xiono and Dameron had destroyed most of their pursuers, believing all of them to be dead, they initiated a mid-space maneuver to swap their droids, with CB-23 and BB-8 waving goodbye to each other as they passed. Dameron told Xiono that CB-23 would show him how to sneak back onto the Colossus. When Xiono returned to Yeager's repairs, and was asked by his unknowing colleagues Tamara Ryvora and Neeku Vozo about BB-8's whereabouts, he claimed that he had left the droid for repairs on Takodana, and that CB-23 was intended as a temporary replacement. Ryvora was suspicious, but Xiono and CB-23 left claiming he had offered to show her around.[4]

Behind enemy linesEdit

While getting involved in Team Fireball's life on the occupied platform, CB-23 helped Ryvora, Bucket and Xiono repair the battle damage the Fireball had taken in the Dassal system. Ryvora became suspicious upon realizing the damage was carbon scoring, and Xiono's attempt to claim it was merely from a severe atmospheric re-entry was not very successful. After Colossus residents, including top Ace Hype Fazon and Aunt Z, began to disappear after the First Order pressured Captain Imanuel Doza into cancelling all future races due to a nebulous security threat, Xiono, CB-23 and Torra Doza resolved to rescue them.[6]

Upon learning from Jarek Yeager and Captain Doza that the prisoners were being held on the West Docks, that evening Xiono, Torra and CB-23 snuck out, using a network of pipes suspended on the underside of the platform to move without being seen. CB-23 rescued Xiono after he nearly slipped and fell, with Torra's help. Xiono asked her to stay back in case her help was needed during the operation. After the successful rescue of the prisoners, who escaped Castilon on a stolen AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transport, Xiono and CB-23 parted ways with Torra. Upon returning to the repair shop, however, they discovered that Commander Pyre had led a squad of stormtroopers to arrest Team Fireball, and were held at blaster-point with Yeager, Ryvora and Vozo.[6]


"You know, you're very opinionated."
―Kazuda Xiono, to CB-23

CB-23 was a BB-series astromech droid with a spherical chassis, feminine programming, and red-blue plating. She was initially jealous of BB-8 but came to appreciate her fellow droid better after he saved her from a marauding Kowakian monkey-lizard. The two subsequently became friends.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

CB-23 is a character created for Star Wars Resistance. She first appeared in the episode "Signal from Sector Six."[2] The droid's name was BB-23 in early stages of the episode, but as it was felt that having two droids named BB would have been confusing, she was renamed CB-23 as a nod to Carrie Beck, Vice President of Development within the Lucasfilm Story Group.[7]



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