CBell-1 was an ancient code-based droid language. It was a binary language consisting of only two sounds the droids could make: one for yes and another for no.

It was likely that ASP labor droids, with their limited vocabulary, still used a form of CBell-1, even after the release of the more advanced droidspeak.

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Behind the scenesEdit

The nature of only two sounds, in communication, which represents two signs or signals; yes and no, is the same as binary. Binary is a computer language consisting of two signs in combinations, analogous to yes and no, on and off. The Binary language in the real world uses logic; the logic code is between 0 and 1. In short, CBell-1 is a basic form of two-sign audible binary.

While this causes conflict with interpretations of "binary" and "droidspeak", the description of CBell-1 is consistent with actual binary meaning.


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