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"Farming looks quite challenging. I like the open spaces."
―Levet, to Etain Tur-Mukan during his time on Qiilura[src]

CC-3388/0021, also known as "Levet" or Commander Tactful, was a clone commander stationed on the planet of Qiilura under General Etain Tur-Mukan in 21 BBY. He commanded the 35th Infantry there while General Tur-Mukan attempted to negotiate with Human colonists there, as the Galactic Republic was being blackmailed by the native Gurlanins into leaving the planet.

When most of the Human colonists refused, Levet was forced to use the full capability of the 35th Infantry upon them. The colonists were forced to be evacuated at gunpoint, with many casualties on both sides.

With the task completed, Levet and the 35th infantry moved on to nearby Gaftikar to assist Omega Squad, Null-12, and the local Marits with capturing the capital city, Eyat. After the capture of Eyat, Levet was promoted to Senior clone commander.

After Order 66, he deserted the GAR in favor of joining Kal Skirata on Mandalore. When Skirata offered Levet asylum, Levet told him that he wanted a farm on the world. While on Mandalore, Levet got his farm, though he had trouble learning how to make it prosper, as he had only an instructional video for demonstration. Located a short distance from Kyrimorut, he and the men of Yayax Squad worked to supply the rest of Clan Skirata with food and supplies.

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"They don't call me Commander Tactful for nothing..."

Levet was nicknamed Commander Tactful by his troops. He knew enough Mando'a to inform Null-11 that he knew of Etain's pregnancy without informing a nearby medical droid.

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