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"Sir, with the death of Senator Kharrus, are you now in command of the mission?"
"Technically… No."
"Then, uh… Who is?"
"Representative Binks is the highest ranking person here."
―A clone trooper and CC-5869, after their crash-landing on Florrum — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

CC-5869, nicknamed "Stone," was a clone shock trooper who held the rank of Clone Commander in the Coruscant Guard, an elite division of the Grand Army of the Republic. During the Clone Wars, he served as Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks' bodyguard while on an assignment on Florrum.


During the Clone Wars, Clone Commander CC-5869 "Stone" was a clone shock trooper in the Coruscant Guard.[2] Following Count Dooku's capture by Captain Hondo Ohnaka and his pirates on Florrum, Stone and his squad accompanied Senator Kharrus and Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks to negotiate the ransom for the Separatist Head of State. However, they were shot down by several rogue pirates, led by Turk Falso, causing their starship to crash in the Doshar fields. The crash killed Kharrus and both clone pilots, including "Mack." The remaining clone troopers continued on to Ohnaka's base, though not under Stone's command as authority over the unit defaulted to the Gungan politician.[3]


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