CC-8/349, also known as Four-Nine, was a clone trooper captain during the Clone Wars. He commanded a platoon of heavy assault troopers. After landing on the planet, he and his troops were instructed by Jedi General Mace Windu to counter any militia attacks on Haruun Kal.

Later on, he was ordered to prevent any harm to the Balawai officer Lorz Geptun as he attempted to transmit the codes deactivating the droid starfighter's attack commands. CC-8/349 originally objected to Mace's order to use proton grenades on the control bunker door, as he believed other clone troopers, civilians and their Korun allies to be alive in there. Mace informed him that they had all been killed, except the Akk Guards, Kar Vastor, and Depa Billaba. When CC-8/349 offered to lead his troopers into the bunker first, Mace rejected the offer, saying that the clones would be no match for the Korunnai Force-users. Windu proved to be correct as numerous clones were cut down by the Akk Guards. CC-8/349 was one of the 24 clone casualties during the fight for the control bunker.

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