"I give the orders around here."

CG-67 was a protocol droid owned by a Gran trader on Pantora shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. She was in charge of supervising his three other droids, Clink and the astromechs 225 and DK-3. When her owner purchased the former clone trooper Echo under the assumption that he was a droid, the trader sent Echo to supervise his other droids. CG-67 insisted that she was in charge before finding out that Echo was not a droid as the trader had believed. The protocol droid intended to report the deception, but Echo threatened her with his blaster. Shortly afterward, when the Bad Batch's shuttle, Marauder, was in need of quick repairs, Echo removed the droids' restraining bolts and had them repair the starship. Once the Marauder was operational, Echo allowed CG-67 to take charge of the droids once more.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

CG-67 appeared in "Cornered,"[1] the fourth episode of the series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, released on Disney+ on May 21, 2021.[2] She was voiced by Grey Griffin and identified in the episode's credits.[1]

Though having female programming and being voiced by Grey Griffin, in polish dub version, CG-67 uses he/him pronouns and is voiced by a male actor - Sebastian Machalski.



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