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CL-1c Lancet interceptors were small, Corellian-built starfighters.


Sleek, agile, and compact, the Corellian Engineering Corporation-manufactured Lancet was composed of a wingless, dart-shaped fuselage that flowed into a single prominent maneuvering fin. Its wingless design, combined with its long, sleek-finned fuselage and powerful Ter22 ion engine,[1] allowed the craft to perform with impressive speed and maneuverability.

Despite its thin appearance however, the Lancet was nonetheless capable of seating two occupants back-to-back under a transparisteel canopy, though only a single pilot served as crew with the second seat reserved for a passenger. It was equipped with long-distance communications equipment, a hyperdrive, shields, and a pair of medium laser cannons.


The primary ship of the Judicial Department of the Galactic Republic, the ships symbolized judicial authority, and were known to strike fear into criminals by just being in the immediate vicinity. Several of these ships were used at the time of the Battle of Naboo. After the rise of the Galactic Empire, the fighters continued to be used by Corsec and the Corellian Defense Force.



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