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The CLL-M2 ordnance lifter, also known as the pincer droid, was Cybot Galactica's military version of their CLL-6 binary load lifter droid.



A CLL-M2 loads missiles into a A-wing starfighter

The droid stood on powerful durasteel legs, which in turn were anchored by two magnapod disks. It had extremely thick armor to protect it from attacks and accidental detonations of ammunition.[1] Its arms were made to handle cargo skids and missiles, while the primitive cognitive module stood at the center of the droid, covered by a single, large photoreceptor. A repulsorlift drive on the droid's back allowed it to compensate for lifting cargo heavier than itself. The droid was set to obey verbal commands by its operators, but only spoke Binary itself. It was not particularly bright, but it was programmed to handle ammunition, reload weapons and perform basic repairs.[1] It cost 15,000 credits new.[1]


During the Clone Wars, clone commanders would send in teams of CLL-M2 ordnance lifter to rescue any reusable scraps of machinery when the Separatists destroyed Republic gunships or military bases.[2]

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The Droids of Episode III and The New Essential Guide to Droids both give this model a height of 3 meters, though Star Wars Chronicles: The Prequels claims a height of 6.7 meters.



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