"You're a limited conversationalist, but I'm sure after your long record of service there's little you don't know about building under duress."
―C-3PO, to CO-34[src]

CO-34, also called "See-Oh Three Four," was a ordnance lifter droid who served the Resistance during its conflict against the First Order


In 33 ABY,[source?] Admiral Ackbar of the Resistance was captured by the First Order. Afraid that he would be executed, the Resistance created a group with the sole purpose of locating Ackbar. The group, led by Captain Hoff, at some point captured a droid of the First Order called O-MR1, who they thought knew the location of Ackbar. On their way back to the Resistance base, the group's ship crashed on Taul and the only survivors were CO-34, O-MR1, a protocol droid named C-3PO, a medical droid named 2MED2 and two security droids called PZ-99 and VL-44.[1]

The droids, led by C-3PO, picked up a signal from a First Order vessel. As they began following the signal, they were attacked by spice spiders. PZ-99 sacrificed himself to let the others escape, by getting the attention of the spiders and was destroyed. The rest of the droids were soon attacked once again, by can-cell. VL-44, Toomedtoo and CO-34 were all destroyed in the attack.[1]


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