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"Hey, you! No droids!"
―COO-2180, to R2-D2[2]

COO-2180 was a COO-series cook droid who served meals to passengers aboard the refugee transport Jendirian Valley during the time of the Galactic Republic. In 22 BBY, COO-2180 shooed the astromech droid R2-D2 away from its counter when he attempted to collect food for his companions, Senator Padmé Amidala and the Jedi Anakin Skywalker.


"Get outta here!"
―COO-2180, to R2-D2[2]

During the time of the Galactic Republic, the cook droid COO-2180 operated aboard[3] the AA-9 Freighter-Liner Jendirian Valley, a refugee transport,[4] serving meager meals[1] to the passengers of the vessel. COO-2180 was present on the Jendirian Valley[2] in the year 22 BBY,[5] during which the transport traveled from Coruscant, the capital world of the Galactic Republic, to the planet Naboo.[2]

During the journey, the astromech droid R2-D2 attempted to acquire food for his companions, Senator Padmé Amidala and her protector, Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker, who were traveling discreetly aboard the vessel after a failed assassination attempt against Amidala. While serving several plates of flatcakes, COO-2180 noticed R2-D2 approach the counter,[2] risking the cook droid's wrath.[3] The cook droid objected, insisting that droids were not allowed in line, but R2-D2 collected food regardless. COO-2180 shooed the astromech droid away, simultaneously flipping a plate of flatcakes.[2]


COO-2180 serves flatcakes aboard the Jendirian Valley.

A COO-series cook droid,[1] COO-2180[3] was a fifth class[6] kitchen droid. COO-2180 had six extendable arms, on which various tools could be attached, and magnetized feet that could lock onto deck plates. The droid had brown and gray plating, a white photoreceptor that could see into the infrared spectrum in order to analyze heat distribution while cooking, and an olfactory sensor to determine if food was spoiled.[1]

Like other COO-series droids, its recipe data storage unit was situated in its torso, and its upper pair of arms blocked access to the storage by the cognitive module in its head.[1] As droids were not allowed to queue for food aboard the Jendirian Valley, COO-2180 was bothered by the presence of R2-D2 at the food counter, and the irritable cook droid drove the astromech away.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

COO-2180 first appeared in the 2002 film Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[2] In the new Star Wars canon, COO-2180 was identified in the Droid Directory section in issue 74 of the De Agostini magazine Star Wars: Build Your Own R2-D2, published in 2018.[3] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the droid was named in the Image Attack feature of StarWars.com on April 22, 2003. Entirely computer-generated in Attack of the Clones, COO-2180 was originally designed to appear in scenes at Dex's Diner.[7]


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