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"Hey you, no droids. Get outta here!"
―COO-2180 to R2-D2[2]

COO-2180 was a COO cook droid who served as a member of the crew on the refugee transport Jendirian Valley who served modest meals to the passengers on board. When R2-D2 entered the food line to secure meals for Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, who were traveling from Coruscant to Naboo incognito, COO-2180 told the astromech off for getting in line in place of his owners,[1] but it was too late. Artoo had already gotten food for the pair and answered the cook droid's invective with some of his own.

COO-2180 was manufactured by Publictechnic.[1] It had powerful legs that were equipped with magnetic clamps that let it stand firmly on the ground even in the event of gravity fluctuations or ship instability. It had six arms, each of which was fitted with basic cooking utensils.


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