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The CR-1 blaster cannon (also called the CR-1 blast cannon) was a shotgun-like heavy blast cannon developed by Golan Arms.


The Golan Arms CR-1 blaster cannon fired multiple blaster bursts per shot.[1] The bolts spread out at reduced power, which gave the cannon its lethal power, but limited its accuracy at long ranges.[2] The weapon was capable of dealing damage to not only the primary target but also to any adjacent secondary targets as well.[2] The CR-1 featured a large energy chamber to generate the high amount of power required in heavy multi-burst weapons,[4] and was fitted with a shoulder stock equipped with a scope.[3] The CR-1 was used as an anti-infantry blaster artillery weapon,[1] and cost 2,000 credits with a weight of 6 kilograms. The sale of CR-1 blaster cannons was primarily restricted to legitimate military organizations and police forces.[2]


Golan Arms manufactured the CR-1 under contract from the Galactic Republic and its successor state, the Galactic Empire.[2] The Rebel Alliance liberated a cache of the blaster cannons from a Golan Arms supply depot during the Galactic Civil War.[1] Due to the scarcity of independent arms manufacturers during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Rebel procurement officers were often forced to scrounge through captured weapons depots for suitable weaponry. While infiltrating a Golan Arms depot on Ac'fren Spur, Rebel agents found numerous serviceable weapons dating from the Clone Wars ready for use or modification. The modified CR-1 blaster cannons acquired at Ac'fren Spur[4] were used extensively by Rebel forces, especially their pilots,[3] being prized for their tremendous close-range firepower, but limited by their short supply and unusual power requirements.[4]

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The CR-1 first appeared in the Star Wars: Battlefront video game series as the Rebel pilot class' primary weapon. In 2009, the MMORPG online game Star Wars Galaxies introduced the CR-1 model as a heavy weapon. Players could obtain the in-game heavy weapon by collecting battlefield tokens.



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