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The CR-20 troop carrier was a type of transport ship used to deploy small units of clone troopers.


A CR-20 defends itself from a Rogue-class starfighter.

The CR-20 troop carrier was armed with two double turbolaser cannons. It was sixty meters long and could carry up to forty clone troopers, twelve 74-Z speeder bikes, and their corresponding supplies. The carrier's crew consisted of two pilots, one communications officer, and three engineers.


Originally designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation for use by its security forces, the Republic purchased surplus CR-20s one standard month after the First Battle of Geonosis. Despite this, they were widely unseen in the Republic Navy early in the Clone Wars.[4] It was not until the Battle of JanFathal, where Anakin Skywalker piloted a CIS-owned CR-20 to rescue Republic Intelligence operative Hallena Devis, that the usefulness of the CR-20 Troop Carrier became evident.[4] Generally, they were used in situations where the large Acclamator-class assault ships were impractical or unneeded.



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