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The CR25 troop carrier, more commonly known as the Republic dropship, was a multipurpose dropship used to deploy units of clone troopers and gunships in battlefronts where the use of an Acclamator-class assault ship was deemed too impractical.


The clone commandos and Galactic Marines favored the CR25 over the CR-20, because it had more cargo space, could hold four to eight LAAT/i gunships, twelve 74-Z speeder bikes, four All Terrain Personal Transports and had ports for null gravity space debarking.


New Sith WarsEdit

Odionate forces used transports visually similar to the CR25. They were used to carry gunships into battle that were visually similar to the LAAT/i gunship.[1]

Clone WarsEdit

The CR25 was known as the "bigger brother" of the CR-20 troop carrier. Delta Squad traveled in a CR25 and used its debarking ports to board the captured assault ship Prosecutor.

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