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CR90 corvettes, also identified as the CR90 class and colloquially known as Corellian corvettes or blockade runners, were consular vessels manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation. While the CR90 would see initial use within the late Galactic Republic and Imperial Senate, many vessels would be appropriated by the early rebellion and Rebel Alliance against the First Galactic Empire, despite not being designed as a combat-oriented vessel. They were later used by the navies of both the New Republic and the Resistance.


Tantive IV blueprints

Blueprints of the Tantive IV, a CR90 corvette

Designed by the Corellian Engineering Corporation[1] as a diplomatic ship, it would see use within the annals of the late Galactic Republic, Imperial Senate, and later as a combat craft in both the early rebellion and Rebel Alliance.[18] Measuring 150 meters in length,[1] it featured two dual and four single turbolaser turrets, and had the ability to reach a maximum speed of 950 kph. According to Luke Skywalker, some combat-outfitted CR90 ships could be equipped with six dual turbolasers.[13] Capable of carrying an entire diplomatic escort, it had a passenger capacity in the hundreds.[13] Although the ships were not built as carriers, three RZ-1 A-wing interceptors could be attached to the docking rings, allowing for a small escort.[16] They would serve as the backbone of the early rebellion and Alliance.[5] Though not particularly heavily armed, CR90s possessed enough forward firepower to destroy a Gozanti-class cruiser quite easily.[17]


Clone Wars[]

The CR90 line was in service during the Clone Wars. Senator Bail Organa of Alderaan owned a CR90 corvette called the Tantive IV, which he used to travel to Toydaria to negotiate a relief effort for the blockade on Ryloth.[27]

Early rebellion against the Galactic Empire[]

After the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Galactic Empire, the CR90 continued to see service within the Empire, with several such cruisers parked at the R/M Facility Four deepdock at Belderone.[20] Additionally, the corvette would continue to be used by Bail Organa during his tenure in the Imperial Senate.[21]

Two CR90 Corvettes were part of the Botajef Defense Force, which was mobilized against the Empire when Governor Quesl declared the secession of Botajef from the Empire. Commodore Thrawn was able to put a stop to them with minimal casualties, capturing Quesl aboard his corvette using a tractor beam.[22]

Bail Organa traveled in the Tantive IV when he recovered R2-D2 and C-3PO from the rebels who operated on Lothal.[28] Organa's rebel movement also used a number of CR90s. Ahsoka Tano, under the codename "Fulcrum," traveled in one when the rebels handed the Rodian informant Tseebo over to her.[29]


The Liberator and Transport One approach the blockade over Ibaar

Five CR90 corvettes served as part of the Phoenix Cell under the command of Jun Sato, in addition to the flagship, a Pelta-class frigate called the Phoenix Home.[10] Three of them were used to assist the rescue of Lothal rebel leader Kanan Jarrus.[30] After the loss of the flagship in the Siege of Lothal, Commander Sato took one of the corvettes, Liberator, as his new flagship.[31] The Liberator and another corvette, under the callsign Transport One, were used in an attempt to bring relief supplies to the starving people of Ibaar. Transport One was destroyed in the first to run the Imperial blockade. It was later replaced by one of the other corvettes for the second attempt, which was successful thanks to the Prototype B6.[16] When Phoenix Cell was discovered to have been hiding on Garel, forces led by Admiral Kassius Konstantine led an assault on them. As the Liberator tried to escape, it was captured by Konstantine's tractor beam. However, the tractor beam was disabled by the Ghost, which freed the Liberator and escaped.[14]

After Mon Mothma declared the formation of the Rebel Alliance, several CR90s traveled with many more rebel ships to her location at Dantooine.[32] Shortly after, General Jan Dodonna took three CR90s with his fleet to meet Phoenix Cell, and their three CR90s, at their base on Atollon, in preparation to attack the TIE Defender project on Lothal. However, Grand Admiral Thrawn's forces ambushed the fleet of rebel ships. In the ensuing battle, three of the six CR90s were destroyed. The final three fled with the remaining rebels back to Phoenix Cell's base. When Thrawn's ground forces overran the base, the Liberator and one other CR90 escaped and attempted to run Thrawn's blockade. The Liberator escaped, but the other corvette was destroyed.[33]

Galactic Civil War[]

SWZ Epic Battles

A pair of CR90 corvettes engage the Raider-class corvette Corvus in battle.

A number of years later, after the Alliance to Restore the Republic stole the plans to the Death Star, Princess Leia Organa traveled aboard the Tantive IV to bring the plans to Alderaan. However, her ship was intercepted by the Devastator over Tatooine. The Tantive IV attempted to escape, but a shot from the Star Destroyer crippled its engines, leaving it vulnerable to boarding.[8]

During the Mid Rim Retreat, the Rebel's Twilight Company utilized the CR90 Thunderstrike as a transport before its demise on Sullust.[9] At one point during the war, the Rebels used the corvette Jaina's Light.[34]

Numerous CR90s joined the Alliance Fleet near Sullust in preparation for an assault on the second Death Star. The fleet arrived at the Endor system to find it was a trap.[35] In the ensuing battle several CR90s were destroyed.[36]

Many CR90 corvettes participated in the Battle of Jakku. Captain Lindsey's corvette was heavily damaged and crashed onto the surface of Jakku.[37] Several other corvettes joined it in what would become known as the Starship Graveyard.[24]

Later history[]

Many years after the end of the Galactic Civil War, a former Imperial senator discovered the remains of the Tantive IV lying decrepit in a hangar in the Yarma system. Sympathetic to Leia's cause, the senator repaired the former consular ship and returned it to her as a gift. Leia used the vessel as her personal flagship from the Resistance base on Ajan Kloss. Given the lack of barracks on the moon, most of the Resistance support crew lived and slept aboard the Tantive IV when not on duty; it was also used as a generator for the Resistance base.[38]

In 35 ABY,[39] multiple CR90 corvettes including the Tantive IV were part of a fleet assembled by Lando Calrissian to assist the Resistance during the battle against the Sith Eternal forces over the planet Exegol and a few corvettes including the Tantive IV were destroyed in the battle.[26]


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