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CS-321 was a RA-7 protocol droid that was the owned by Weequay pirates. It was destroyed during a battle between Republic and Separatists forces.


"Soon it will be us."
―CS-321 to C-3PO about fighting K0-5D in a gladiatorial arena[1]

CS-321 was at some point procured by some Weequay pirates. It was present on the Weequay pirate ship, Marauder when two droids, C-3PO and R2-D2 were captured on Balnab by the pirates. He was watching a gladiatorial fight between droids which was meant for the Weequay's entertainment. CS-321 was to fight in the arena soon. One droid, K0-5D kept blasting away at its competition in the arena which instilled fear inside C-3PO. CS-321 informed him that they were next which further scared C-3PO. However, when C-3PO and R2 were about to take on K0-5D, General Grievous, who was passing by, attacked the Marauder for target practice. The Confederacy of Independent Systems blew a hole in the ship which sucked C-3PO, R2, K0-5D, CS-321, several other droids, and Weequays into space. CS-321 along with some other droids were captured by Grievous's battle droids and taken to his ship where they would be incinerated.

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CS-321 was voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.



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