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"The Caspel has a bad reputation in certain circles, but only among troops that don't keep their weapons clean. They claim that it jams and ignites the canister while it's in the launcher."
―Lieutenant Harburik[src]

The CSPL-12 was a personal projectile launcher manufactured by BlasTech Industries.


BlasTech Industries' CSPL-12 was a personal projectile launcher capable of launching several different canisters dependent on tactical combat requirements. The canisters were either stored in the launcher, or in the magazine of the weapon, which could hold four extra canisters. An adapter, the PL/1G, was available that could convert the CSPL-12 to fire grenades.[1]

The CSPL-12 had the ability to fire several canister types; a dye canister which was able to mark terrain in a ten-meter radius, a smoke canister for obscuring vision and marking terrain, a T-238 canister which induced nausea and incapacitated targets, CryoBan canisters which froze targets and incapacitated them, Plank Gas canisters which delivered corrosive damage, Spore/B canisters which caused unconsciousness through the use of Bothan stun spores, and a Fex-M3 canister which released nerve gas, causing death.[1]

The CSPL-12 was known to periodically jam, igniting the canister in the chamber. However, it was found that this only generally occurred when the soldier handling the weapon failed to properly clean and maintain the weapon. It was found that dirt could get caught in the canister's primary pin, which caused the weapon to jam.[1]


An improperly cleaned and maintained weapon jammed and ignited during an Imperial operation on the planet Lafra, which resulted in the death of General Azarin.[1]

The Alliance to Restore the Republic strike team that infiltrated the Endor moon during the Battle of Endor carried a CSPL launcher, and it was used by Corporal Delevar to smoke out the crew of an All Terrain Scout Transport during the squad's advance on the shield bunker.[4]

The Relby-v10 micro grenade launcher was based on the CSPL-12 design.[5]



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