"Take care of the equipment, Eight-Three."
"And the equipment will take care of us, Seven-Four."
―CT-6/774 and CT-014/783[src]

CT-6/774, also known as Seven-Four, was a clone trooper auxiliary heavy-weapons specialist who served as a turret gunner on a LAAT/i. His LAAT/i was stationed on Halleck immediately prior to the Battle of Haruun Kal.

Seven-Four was commanded by clone trooper lieutenant Four-One and 2nd Lieutenant CL-33/890, and worked alongside his fellow Auxiliary Heavy-Weapons Specialist and gunner CT-014/783.

During the suborbital entry in the Battle of Haruun Kal his attack force was ambushed by Vulture droids, resulting in heavy casualties. He scored several kills, but his turret's servo-boom was damaged by enemy fire, resulting in his turret becoming dislodged from the gunship. The remaining Republic ships descended into the lower atmosphere as per the mission objective, and Seven-Four remained stranded with other troops who had been shot out of their Jadthu-class landing ships and gunships.

Nevertheless, Seven-Four managed to destroy the last remaining Vulture droid with a final shot, powered by the backup powercells in the turret. The droid had been chasing the gunship from which he had become separated, which the clones then used to save all of the survivors. For his actions, Seven-Four was recommended for a battlefield commendation.



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