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"Sir, as the team medic, when it comes to the health of the men, including you, I outrank everyone."
―Kix, to Captain Rex[src]

CT-6116, nicknamed "Kix," was a clone medic who served in the Grand Army of the Republic's 501st Legion during the Clone Wars. Throughout the course of the war, Kix maintained a close friendship with CT-5597, a fellow clone also of the 501st and nicknamed "Jesse," with the two accompanying each other frequently on missions.

In 21 BBY, Kix fought at the Battle of Saleucami, where he served under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. His captain, CT-7567 ("Rex"), was shot and injured during the battle, forcing Kix, Jesse and Hardcase to leave him in a local homestead for his safety. In 20 BBY, Kix participated in the Republic invasion of the planet Umbara, where the 501st was placed under the control of Jedi General Pong Krell, much to the disdain of Kix and his fellow clone troopers. It was later discovered that Krell secretly worked against the Republic, causing Kix and the 501st to arrest and detain the fallen Jedi.

After witnessing his close comrade CT-5385 ("Tup") unwillingly shoot down and kill Jedi Master Tiplar, Kix became suspicious and began conducting his own investigation. The clone medic eventually discovered the Sith conspiracy against the Jedi Order; every clone trooper had an inhibitor chip implanted in their brains, which would allow Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to send out an order to execute the Jedi. However, the Confederacy of Independent Systems abducted Kix before he could act on his findings, and had him frozen in stasis. He remained in stasis for the next fifty years until a band of pirates, led by Sidon Ithano discovered him. Having awoken in a time long after the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, Kix joined the crew of the Crimson Corsair.


The Clone WarsEdit

Search for GreviousEdit

"Wait a minute, those critters are domesticated."
"I think we're on farmland, and where there is a farm, there is usually a farmer. Let's find his homestead."
―Jesse and Kix[src]

Kix assesses the injured Rex.

CT-6116, also known as "Kix," was a clone medic[5] in the Grand Army of the Republic.[1] Early on in the Clone Wars, the Jedi became increasingly desperate to capture the commander of the Separatist droid army, General Grievous. After a battle occurred above the planet of Saleucami, he was forced to jettison from his ship in an escape pod, landing on the planet's surface. In an attempt to capture the general for good, Obi-Wan Kenobi gathered a group of clone troopers, including Kix, in order to follow them. The clones eventually discovered the wreckage of the ship, with CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody," noting and subsequently reporting to Kenobi that it had crashed recently. Kenobi then decided it would be best to split the group up into two teams, and left CT-7567, nicknamed "Rex," along with Kix, Jesse and Hardcase to search for the other missing escape pods, while he, Cody and Crys stayed behind to further investigate the crashed ship.[3]

Each mounting their own BARC speeders, Kix's team searched through the wetlands of the planet for the remaining escape pods. Unbeknownst to them, two commando droids were watching them from afar, and utilizing a sniper rifle, shot at Rex, instantly knocking his off his speeder. Being their medic, Kix immediately swerved backwards to protect the unconscious captain, while Jesse and Hardcase followed the snipers. While Jesse and Hardcase destroyed the commando droids, Kix began examining his injuries, discovering that Rex was still alive, but it was severe and he had been shot 2 inches away from his heart. Deciding there was no way to continue their mission in the state they were in, they concluded that they were going to need to find some cover for the time being. Noting a domesticated Eopie standing behind them, he established that they were on farmland and so the group set off to find the farmer's homestead.[3]

Clones TheDeserter

Kix (center) and the clones, surrounding the newly awakened Rex.

Upon discovering a nearby homestead, they were greeted anxiously by a female Twi'lek, Suu Lawquane, who proceeded to point her rifle at them. Kix and Jesse explained to her that were not there to bring harm, and instead simply needed a place for their injured captain to stay for the night. Suu gave them permission to stay, and allowed them to do so in the barn. Once inside, Kix patched up Rex's wound with a bacta bandage allowing for him to regain consciousness shortly after. As he awoke, Jesse and Hardcase informed him of what had ensued. Much to Rex's dismay, Kix told him he was in no condition to fight and continue their mission, and that he must have some rest. Not wanting to put the mission in jeopardy, Rex decided to give the responsibility of leading the group to Jesse. Kenobi then contacted the group through comlink, with Jesse responding and letting him know that Rex had been injured, and the group was now his responsibility. Kenobi then informed him that Grevious was heading for an abandoned, but still working escape pod, and ordered them to drive westward, so that could trap the general between the two squads.[3]

Some time later, Jesse contacted Kenobi, telling him that he had a clear visual of the escape pod, and that Grevious had already arrived. Kenobi and his team had already managed to engage Grevious' forces on their own by the time Kix and his group had got there. As they shot at the battle droids on their speeders, Jesse noticed a Separatist shuttle arriving on the planet, and warned Kenobi via comlink. As it began coming closer, the AT-TE's guns overheated, and so Kenobi rushed to engage Grevious one on one. They dueled very briefly, before the shuttle came low enough to the ground for Grevious to fire a tow cable at it, managing to escape with the ship. While Kix remained with Hardcase on the speeders, Jesse and Cody returned to Kenobi's company, where he instructed them to contact the fleet to bring a shuttle to pick them up.[3]

Umbaran CampaignEdit

"We gotta get these guys outta here."
"Forget it. We have to leave them."
"We can't just leave them, sir!"
"You don't have a choice. That's an order."
"You sound like General Krell."
"Look Kix, it's more important to save yourself right now. If we survive, you can patch up the wounded later."
―Kix and Rex arguing over the injured men[src]

Some time later in the war, Kix accompanied the 501st legion, lead by Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and CT-7567, nicknamed "Rex" on a full scale attack on the planet of Umbara, to fight off the Umbaran Militia and retake the planet from the Separatists. As gunships began transporting troops down to the ground, the battle began, with Kix and the rest of the 501st fighting off and intercepting Umbaran forces to the north of the capital city. The enemy forces proved relentless in their efforts, with the 501st taking heavy casualties, despite gaining new ground. Eventually, the clone pilot Odd Ball, along with his team of Y-wing bombers were able to drop munitions over a ridge; subsequently eliminating all Umbarans in the area, and for the mean time - putting the battle of hold. It was during this time that General Pong Krell arrived, who had also been involved with the assault. Upon landing, he immediately addressed to Anakin Skywalker that he had been ordered back to Coruscant without delay, informing him that he would resume command of the 501st for the remainder of the Umbaran campaign. Reluctantly, Skywalker boarded a Republic gunship, as Rex greeted the new general.[6]

Kix 3

Kix requests that the men get some rest.

Kix, along with the 501st immediately began to move out, under strict protocol from the Besalisk Jedi Master. The men trekked across the rough Umbaran terrain for 12 hours straight, which lead Kix, to worry for his brothers increasing fatigue. Kix then voiced his concerns to Rex who then in turn suggested that the group make camp on a nearby ridge. The suggestion mortified Krell, who announced to the clones that rest was a luxury the Republic did not have, and that they would continue walking. The clones eventually made it to the capital, with Krell immediately briefing them with their new orders. The clones were to scrap Skywalkers initial plan to surprise attack the Umbarans, and were to instead attack in a full frontal assault - one that would endure high casualties and a plan that Rex did not agree with. Despite this however, they followed through with the order. As Kix and the other members of the 501st reached the main road, the Umbarans surprise attacked them, forcing them to fallback.[6]

In order to combat the Umbaran forces, the clones were forced to enter the jungle to which they still received heavy blaster fire from the enemy, causing many casualties. Kix was able to save as many of the injured as he could, calling for cover from Rex, Dogma and Jesse, as he administered temporary stimulants to the fallen troopers. In the midst of the battle, Krell received word from General Kenobi that he was unable to capture the capital, and would require the 501st to capture an Umbaran Airbase. Krell obliged, and after the Umbaran forces were fought off, they set off for the airbase. Many of the troops—including Kix, Jesse, Tup, and Fives—objected to Krell's tactics, and though Rex attempted to defend them, the clones were still not at ease. Rex then split the 501st into two separate groups. Rex was to lead his division along the outskirts of the canyon while Fives took his division—which included Kix—through the other side of the gorge. Fives division were the first to meet Umbaran resistance, in the form of an Impeding Assault Tank. Kix tended to the wounded, as the rest dealt with the Assault Tank. The two groups then lured the Assault Tanks into a trap, blowing them up and subsequently continuing on together.[7]

Kix rex

Kix and Rex argue over the injured men.

As they continued walking, Kix spotted several banshees picking at their fallen comrades. Clearly angered by this, he immediately sprung towards them, shooting and killing the flying vermin. Rex then ordered Kix to leave them, and to continue walking. As the troops closed in on the airbase, the Umbarans deployed an Umbaran mobile heavy cannon to deal with the clones. It was able to rip through the clones with ease, causing many casualties. Rex then proceeded to contact Krell about the impending threat, requesting immediate backup, to which he denied. Part of his plan, Krell ordered that the clones must press on with the attack. Forced to obey, Rex mobilized the remaining men, and directed Kix to keep the wounded as quiet as possible. As expected, their weapons were little match for the heavy canon, and the 501st quickly sustained egregious losses. In the turmoil, Kix requested help in getting the wounded to safety, to which Rex quickly came to assist. Just as Kix went to rescue more of the injured, Rex told the clone medic he would have to leave them behind. Kix strongly disagreed with his sentiment, stating that they couldn't simply leave the men behind, to which Rex told him that it was more important to save himself in the given situation, and if they survived, he would be able to patch up the wounded later. Kix remarked that Rex sounded just like General Krell. Seeing no other way out, Rex ordered Fives and Hardcase to go behind enemy lines to steal two of the enemy's starfighters to provide some air support. The two were able to succeed with their mission, and were successfully able to destroy the heavy cannons using the starfighters and capture the airbase.[7]

Despite the capture of the airbase, the Umbarans were still able to receive supplies and arms shipments, due to a supply ship that was orbiting the planet. Regardless of this fact, General Krell decided against destroying the ship, and instead ordered the clones to continue closing in on the capital. Many of the clones once again disagreed with Krell's strategy, most notably Fives who suggested they should use the stolen Umbaran starfighters to destroy the supply ship. Rex then proposed the new plan to Krell, who felt it was a waste of time, stating that the attack on the capital would still be commencing. Outraged by this, Fives decided to take matters into his own hands, defying the general by gathering together Hardcase and Jesse to help him out with his mission. Kix supported this, and helped prepare the starfighters for the impending attack on the supply ship. Fives, Jesse and Hardcase then proceeded on with their plan, without the knowledge on General Krell. They ended up being successful with their mission, managing to sneak behind enemy lines, and with Hardcase sacrificing himself to manually the destroy the ship. They were not given a heroes welcome back to Umbara however, as Fives and Jesse were court martialed for defying a direct order from the General.[8]

Kix firing squad

Kix as part of the firing squad, preparing to execute Fives and Jesse for their insubordination.

Rex attempted to change the irrational Jedi's mind about court martialing Jesse and Fives, but this only made things worse. Krell then ordered the execution of the two clones for their insubordination, and ordered a firing squad immediately. Kix was among the men in the firing squad, who upon being ordered to execute their brothers - refused - instead purposely missing and hitting the wall behind them. Dogma was shocked by this, telling the clones that they must follow through with their orders. Rex sarcastically wished him good luck in trying to find someone else willing to do it. Krell then called for both Rex and Dogma to report to him why they had failed to carry out the execution. As Rex and Krell bickered, they received a transmission from a clone, who claimed that the Umbarans had attacked them, stealing their weapons and armor. Krell then decided it was best for the clones to launch an attack now, while they still could, reminding Rex to tell the troops that the Umbarans would be wearing clone armor. The 501st immediately set off for the battle with them promptly being sprayed down with enemy fire. Kix, using his night vision filters, saw that the opposing soldiers were wearing 212th armor and concluded that they were disguised Umbarans, just as Krell had cautioned. The battle commenced for a short while, before Rex realized that the enemies were not in fact Umbarans in disguise, and were in reality their own brothers in the 212th legion.[9]


Kix and Tup are shocked to find they've killed their own brothers

Rex then began to frantically run across the battlefield with his helmet removed, screaming that they were all clones and to cease fire. Upon realization, members of both the 501st and the 212th legion were shocked, as they all removed their helmets looking at each other in disbelief. Kix was quick to locate the platoon leader, Waxer, who was still alive. He called Rex over in order for them to discover how the two clone legions ended up attacking each other. Kix tended to his injuries, as the shell shocked Waxer informed them of how his men were notified that the enemy were wearing their armor and were ordered to attack by General Krell. A tear shed from Waxer's eye, as he died from his injuries. Some time later, Rex gathered a group of men, including Kix and Tup, suggesting that they arrest Krell for treason against the Republic themselves, something extremely treasonous. Back at the airbase, Kix, Tup and Rex freed Fives and Jesse from their cell, and gathered more men to storm the command center. The clones then confronted Krell about his recent actions, to which he activated his double-bladed lightsabers, instantly slicing through many clones. He then proceeded to smash, and leap out of the windows.[9]

Krell was able to escape into the Umbaran jungle, with the clones closely pursuing him. They eventually caught up, with Krell leaping into attack, causing even more casualties. As Kix and the other clones fired on him, Tup came up with a plan. The clones lured the rogue Jedi towards him, where he immediately sought chase after Tup. Krell fell into the pit of a ravenous vixus however, which swiftly grabbed him with it's tentacles, tossing him around. Tup then shot the vixus, killing it, causing Krell to be hurled to the ground where the clone then proceeded to stun him. Krell was then taken to the same prison block in which he had imprisoned Jesse and Fives in not too long before. There, he revealed he had been against them since the beginning, taunting them that they had all been foolish. The clones soon received word that an attack from the Umbarans was inevitable, so Rex made the uneasy decision that it was best to execute Krell so that he could not fall into enemy hands. Rex, Jesse, Fives, Tup and Dogma then entered the prison block, ready for his execution. Krell tormented Rex, knowing that he would not be able to execute a Jedi master, when the Besalisk traitor was suddenly shot by his most loyal trooper, Dogma. Following this, Kenobi's forces were able to take the capital, and the Umbaran threat was diminished.[9]

Battle of KirosEdit

"I need a medic over here!"
―Anakin Skywalker, calling for Kix's help[src]

Shortly after the Umbaran campaign, Kix and the rest of the 501st legion were sent to Kiros, after governor Roshti, the leader of a colony of Togrutas residing on the planet decided to negotiate with Count Dooku over the welfare of his people. Upon arriving on the planet, Kix and the rest of the 501st, lead by Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano mounted BARC speeders as they trekked across the colony. They soon realized that the colony was extremely quiet, noting that nobody had seen a single colonist at all, leaving Rex to theorize that the Separatists could potentially be using them as living shields. As they made for the city center they encountered a group of commando droids, who lead them into an Armored Assault Tank along with several other B1 battle droids. And after a small skirmish, they were able to defeat them, with Kenobi then ordering the city center and the governors' tower to be secured. Kenobi then received a transmission from a Zygerrian known as Darts D'Nar who was residing inside of the governors' tower, asking for him to meet him inside to discuss his surrender.[10]


Kix treats a wounded clone trooper on Kiros.

Upon entering the tower, Kenobi immediately saw D'Nar speaking with Count Dooku and fellow Zygerrian, Atai Molec over hologram. Dooku then ordered that D'Nar must bring Kenobi to him on his knees, telling him he would be forced to surrender. D'Nar then explained to him that he had planted bombs all across the city, and should he not surrender he would set them off. Kenobi said that if he were to surrender, the Zygerrian would first have to release the colonists that the Separatists had clearly kidnapped to which D'Nar responded with a counter offer as he set off one of the bombs. Back on the ground, the explosion had been set off next to the Republic forces, leaving many clones injured. Anakin called for a medic to treat a particularly wounded clone, to which Kix immediately ran over to help. Whist Kix was left treating the many injured men, Anakin and Ahsoka set off to disarm the other bombs, whilst Kenobi continued to negotiate with D'Nar.[10]

The Biochip ConspiracyEdit

"So... I guess the 501st are back on Coruscant."
"Oh yeah, we just got back from Ringo Vinda; the strangest thing happened out there."
―A disguised Fives speaking to Kix[src]

In the latter part of the war, Kix participated in the Battle of Ringo Vinda, a military campaign in which the 501st, led by Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker were sent to defeat Separatist forces on a space station surrounding the planet of Ringo Vinda. In the midst of battle, clone trooper Tup fired upon, and subsequently killed Jedi General Tiplar under mysterious circumstances, forcing the Republic forces to retreat. Upon securing a safe location, they set off to determine why Tup had mercilessly murdered a commander in cold blood. Taking the volatile clone to the side, Rex noted that he had believed Tup had simply snapped, as he began spontaneously repeating that "good soldiers follow orders". Being their medic, Kix began assessing Tup and waved his hand in front of the clone's face. Tup suddenly lashed out forcing Tiplar's sister, Tiplee, to suspend him with use of the force.[11]

Following this, Tup was left to rest in a medical bay. Some time later, Kix, Fives, Rex, Tiplee and Anakin returned to check up on his condition. Tup was once again conscious, and was completely unaware of his actions, and upon being informed by Fives, he broke down, denying that it could be possible. As a result of his brash reaction, the medical droid was forced to sedate him. Anakin then asked Kix if he had checked all of Tup's medical scans, to which he replied that from his knowledge, it appeared to be a combat related stress and that he had broken down. Rex and Fives were not convinced however, noting that they as clones were engineered to withstand it. They then quizzed that it could have been the work of biological warfare, and that the enemy had drugged him into killing the Jedi. Kix then came to the conclusion that the only way they could be certain what had happened was to send Tup to Kamino, in order to be fully examined.[11]

Following the events of the Ringo Vinda campaign, the 501st legion returned back to Coruscant. On one of the nights following their arrival, Kix and Jesse were socializing at the clone bar, 79's. Clone trooper Fives had been framed for attempting to murder Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, after discovering the truth behind the reasoning that Tup had executed Jedi Master Tipar, and while on the run from Republic forces, sought refuge in the bar. Upon entering, he spotted Kix, and followed him into the bathroom. While the clone medic was looking at himself in the mirror, Fives began conversation with him, noting that the 501st were now back on Coruscant. Kix then remarked that a strange occurrence had happened while on Ringo Vinda to, which Fives then revealed himself to him, stating that he knew.[12]

Kix and fives

Fives tells Kix of a terrible conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the Republic.

Kix was bewildered to see Fives, and told him that rumors had circulated of how he attempted to murder the Chancellor, and that he had been infected with the same virus that Tup had supposedly been infected with. Fives then vaguely told Kix, that the clones, and the Jedi had all been framed, and were all in grave danger. He pleaded that he needed to make contact with Rex or Skywalker immediately, to which Kix gave the advice that Fives should turn himself in. Fives exclaimed that Kix simply didn't understand, and that he had been involved in such a conspiracy that reached the highest levels of the Republic. Fives then gave Kix co-ordinates to send to Rex, and asked for him to tell the captain to meet him there. Kix agreed, and promised to pass them on. The two then parted ways, with Kix wishing him luck with whatever Fives was planning to do.[12]

The information Fives had given Kix had a profound effect on the clone medic, leaving him with many questions he sought answers for.[4]

Assisting the Bad BatchEdit

"So, I get what makes the other batches unique, but what's so special about Hunter?"
"He can put up with the other three."
―Jesse and Kix[src]
Kix and jesse

Kix (left) and Jesse (right) stare at each other with contempt upon witnessing The Bad Batch for the first time.

Kix later participated in the Battle for Anaxes, a lengthy campaign between both the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems over the planet of Anaxes. During the campaign, the Republic forces were initially left at a loss, with the Separatists seemingly able to predict the clone army's every next move. Suspicious, CT-7567, nicknamed "Rex" and CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody" met with Jedi Generals Anakin Skywalker and Mace Windu to discuss their recent failures. Rex theorized to the Jedi that a copy of his strategy algorithm could have fallen into the hands of the Separatists - potentially stolen from CT-1409, nicknamed "Echo", who held a copy of the algorithm in which he would check over after his supposed death.[13]

Mace Windu then ordered Rex and Cody to bring a small squadron of clones with them, which included Kix and Jesse to go behind enemy lines, and assault the Separatist data center to determine whether or not the enemy was in possession of Rex's algorithm. For the mission, Cody called for the help of Clone Force 99, nicknamed, "The Bad Batch", an elite group of clones with desirable genetic mutations. Rex and Cody then gathered Kix and Jesse to walk with them, and greet the mutated clones for themselves. As they arrived, the clone force flew their shuttle aggressively into the hangar, leading Kix and Jesse to exchange looks of contempt. Kix exclaimed and questioned how exactly they were clones, due to their different appearance, to which Cody explained their genetic modifications. Cody subsequently introduced everybody, and the group stepped into the Republic Gunship to be taken behind enemy lines.[13]

As they approached the base, the gunship was spotted by a group of B1 battle droids, who contacted a DSD1 dwarf spider droid, ordering it to shoot the ship down. After a few shots, it eventually made a direct hit on the gunship causing it to crash into the surface of the planet. Upon climbing out, Kix noticed that Cody had been left trapped underneath part of the rubble from the gunship and called for help. Bad Batch member, Wrecker volunteered to rescue him alone, much to Kix's discontent who believed that he would need help in doing so. Wrecker was able to lift the gunship with ease, picking up Cody's injured body, as the ship burst into flames behind him. Kix then proceeded to assess his injuries, finding that he had internal damage, and would be able to cut the pain if he was able to find help fast. As Kix began to get his medikit out, a large group of battle droids began heading their way. Kix, Jesse and Rex stayed to tend to Cody while members of the Bad Batch, Hunter, Crosshair, Tech and Wrecker fought off the droids.[13]

Kix and crosshair fight

Kix and Crosshair begin fighting after a disagreement.

Later in the evening, after moving away from the crash site, the group had set up camp for the night. As they ate, Kix and Jesse began discussing what Hunter's genetic modification may be, before Tech interrupted them, informing them of his heightened tracking skills. Due the sheer agony he was in, Rex called in an extraction unit to pick up Cody and take him to be better treated for his injuries. Informing the Bad Batch of the situation, and where to go forward, Crosshair disagreed, and then interrupted and then began questioning the extent of Rex's leadership skills if they were forced to bring in The Bad Batch to give them aid. Instantly springing to Rex's defense, Jesse demanded who he thought he was talking to, before he was then grabbed by Wrecker by the throat. Attempting to help his friend, Kix became involved, before he and Crosshair began to engage in a fight. Before the situation was able to get out of hand, both Rex and Hunter calmed their men - reminding them they were both on the same side, and fighting for the same thing. The others then prepared to move out, and continue the assault, while Kix remained with Cody to carry on with treating his injuries before the extraction unit arrived.[13]

Plot to destroy the JediEdit

"I learned something... something horrible. Fives knew... He's the one who figured it all out after Tup... and it got him killed. But I kept investigating. They said it was a virus..."
―Kix recalling what he had learned shortly after being rescued from stasis[src]

Some time after the Battle of Anaxes, Kix began questioning the so-called virus, that fellow clone trooper, Tup had contracted which caused him to kill General Tiplar. He began conducting his own further investigations into the matter after he discovered that Fives had discovered the truth before his untimely death. Kix was eventually able to discover the truth for himself, learning that the bio-chip implanted in every clone soldier's head could send out an order directly from the Chancellor to betray and kill the Jedi. His investigations did not go unnoticed however, as Count Dooku, the public leader of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and apprentice to Darth Sidious, took note of it, and ordered for his kidnapping before he was able to share his knowledge with the Jedi. They captured him and began interrogating him to find out if anybody else in the Republic knew of the information. Believing the trooper to be deceiving them, the Separatists planned to send him to the Sith themselves and in turn brought him on board a Separatist cruiser, known as the Obrexta III. On the ship, he was frozen and inserted into a cryo-cycle stasis pod where he would remain until the ship arrived on Serenno. As the cruiser took off, it was ambushed by Republic forces. With little chances to raise the shields, the Republic fleet made easy work of the cruiser, resulting in heavy damage. A B1 battle droid known as B1-CC14 fell to the conclusion that the ship was in no shape to go to Serenno, as well as being on strict orders for Kix to not fall into the hands of the Republic by any costs. With no other options in sight, the droid made the decision to jump through hyperspace to a random sector in the galaxy, where the Republic would have no chance in finding it.[4]

The jump transported the ship, along with its cargo, Kix to the desert planet, Ponemah Terminal where it inevitably crashed on the surface. The ship, along with B1-CC14, and all the droids on it lost their power as a result of the crash, where they would remain lifeless for many years to come. Although Count Dooku was never able to actually deal with Kix personally, he was never able to tell the Jedi the truth of the bio-chips in the clone troopers, and Order 66 was carried out, with the subsequent extermination of the Jedi. Kix lay in stasis, and the ship remained untouched for the next 50 years.[4]

The last clone trooperEdit

Re-awakening from stasisEdit

"That was certainly priceless information, Pendewqell. I bet the Galactic Republic will be super happy now that they can stop the Emperor from rising to power. Probably save the galaxy a whole lot of lives, too. Maybe we can go to the Jedi Council and get a nice fat reward! So all we need to do now is travel back in time! What do you say-?"
―Quiggold sarcastically remarks to Pendewqell after discovering the secret treasure was actually Kix[src]

Sidon Ithano, captain of the Meson Martinet

Exactly 50 standard years after the end of the Clone Wars, the Delphidian pirate, Sidon Ithano and his crew of the Meson Martinet resided in a cantina on the desert world of Ponemah, the very planet that the Obrexata III crash landed on many years prior. There, the crew of pirates managed to decode an old transmission, dating back to the Clone Wars from the Separatist battle droid, B1-CC14 who was desperately attempting to send out a distress signal. In his message, he mentioned very important cargo belonging to Count Dooku himself. Instantly recognizing that the signal must have come from the crashed Separatist ship on Ponemah, Sidon Ithano and the crew of the Meson Marinet set off to claim the treasure for themselves. It was not only Sidon Ithano's crew that knew of Count Dooku's treasure however, as various other pirate groups, gangs and raiders operating on the planet were also able to decode the transmission and so the race was on to get there first, with none of them actually knowing that the so-called treasure was, in fact, the clone trooper Kix—still frozen in stasis and very much alive all these years later.[4]

En route to the downed Separatist ship, the various different groups clashed, with a huge battle taking place at one point, between Sidon Ithano's crew and a swoop biker gang known as the Gray Gundarks. Sidon Ithano and his crew narrowly won the skirmish and were the first to arrive at the ship. They were able to race through the various corridors of the ship with ease as they came up to the ship's vault. The group were shocked upon finding no treasure, and instead a cryo-cycle stasis pod. With nothing left to lose, they decided to awaken the pod, and even more shockingly, Kix emerged. He seemed startled and shell-shocked, finding it hard to breathe properly and gasping for air. He immediately began rambling, and muttering—attempting to inform the pirates on what had happened. He explained to them that he had learned a terrible truth about his fellow clone troopers, which was that the bio-chip implanted in their heads—supposedly to stop them from being controlled, was actually in place to command and force the clones with complying to betray and kill their Jedi generals. He described how the Separatists found out that he knew and kidnapped him, subsequently torturing him and later putting him into the very stasis pod he had been found in. Not knowing of how long he had been frozen for, Kix requested that the pirates transport him to the Republic so he could inform General Anakin Skywalker and save the Jedi from their inevitable fate. And with that, Kix slipped into a state of unconsciousness.[4]

As this was happening, B1-CC14 briefly re-awoke after a sudden surge of energy sparked its power receptors. The droid immediately realized with his only remaining good sensor that the vault where Kix was being stored had been broken into. Upon remembering his last orders, which were that Kix could not escape, no matter the cost—B1-CC14 triggered the emergency activation systems with his last ebb of energy, which caused a contingent of super battle droids to be signaled to the intruders location. The ship subsequently began falling apart, with the Crimson Corsair ordering that he and his crew leave immediately, taking the unconscious Kix with them. The droids were able to shoot and kill the Ishi-Tib pirate, Pendequell, while the rest of the crew headed towards the escape pods while still carrying Kix. There was only one problem, and that was that there was only one escape pod, and not enough room for the entire crew. Sidon Ithano bravely shoved his fellow pirates, as well as the still unconscious Kix into the escape pod, then launching the pod into the sand, while he stayed behind in the doomed cruiser.[4]

Over three weeks after the crew of the Meson Martinet retrieved Kix from the Separatist ship instead of the riches and treasures they had desired, they remained on Ponemah, waiting for their captain to return. Kix was still in deep shock over the many revelations of Galactic history he had learned since awakening, being particularly saddened that he was never able to save the Jedi and the Republic from their fate. Just as they planned to leave the desert world, Ithano suddenly appeared—alive and well. He waved away questions, and handed the Separatist cruiser's memory core to Kix, which contained a complete map to every hidden factory ever built by the Separatists. And with that, Kix agreed to join the Crimson Corsair's crew to scour the galaxy with them, discovering new treasures together.[4]

Joining the Crimson CorsairEdit

"Of course I don't believe it! A clone that knows the location of forgotten Separatist treasures? Not only is that ridiculous, but the clones are extinct!"
―A Devaronian in Takodana Castle[src]

Kix was a part of Sidon Ithano's raids

Upon joining the crew of the Meson Martinet, Kix stopped shaving his head and grew out thick black hair, in addition to a beard, and this covered the tattoo on the side of his scalp. At some point, Kix, Sidon Ithano and a red Twi'lek known as Reveth were situated in a misty swamp, where they were ambushed by B1 battle droids, which were unearthing themselves from the ground, trying to reach the crew. C-3PO later referenced this story to some visitors by referring to it as "spooky."[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Kix's tatoos

Kix's tattoo

On the left side of his head on his scalp, Kix had a tattoo that said "a good droid is a dead one" in Aurebesh.[14]


Kix wore phase II clone trooper armor throughout the Clone Wars with blue markings like others in the 501st Legion. Since he was a medic, Kix sported a red medic symbol on his left shoulder and carried a backpack of medical supplies into battle with him. Kix also could use a DC-15A blaster during the Clone Wars.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Eric Jones Kix concept art 1

Kix concept art

Kix was first featured in the tenth episode of the second series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "The Deserter". Like every clone on the show, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Kix was later incorporated in the short story "The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku", written by Landry Q. Walker, which was set in around the same time period as Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. He also made a cameo, as his later self, in the short comic Star Wars Adventures Ashcan, also written by Walker. Artist Eric Jones made concept of his for the comic appearance.

According to Walker, Kix stopped shaving because of the sorrow he felt every time he looked in the mirror as he was reminded of his fallen comrade brothers who he was unable to save. Walker also said he would likely wear a helmet as well.[15] Kix was not referred to by name in the Star Wars Adventures Ashcan,[2] but concept art confirmed it to be him.[16]



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