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"You ever think that maybe the General knows what he is doing?"
―Dogma, on General Pong Krell[3]

CT-6922, nicknamed "Dogma," was a clone trooper who served in the 501st Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars with the military rank of private. He was known to always follow orders. After being manipulated by Jedi Master and secret Separatist agent Pong Krell during the Battle of Umbara, Dogma executed Krell to prevent him from revealing Republic Military secrets.


Initial assault[]

"Well I for one agree with the General's plan. We're running out of time and this is the best option."
―Dogma voices his support of General Krell's tactics[4]

Dogma (right) with Jesse (left) and Tup (center) on Umbara

Around 20 BBY,[5] CT-6922, also known as Dogma,[6] was sent as part of a battalion of the 501st Legion to retake the planet Umbara, whose native species had sided with the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the invasion, the Republic forces were able to land, while suffering heavy casualties.[3] Clone Private[7] Dogma and the 501st were commanded by General Anakin Skywalker and Clone Captain CT-7567 "Rex." Dogma, however, was only interested in completing the mission. However, after the 501st Legion had established a foothold in Umbaran soil and was permitted some time to rest, command was transferred from General Skywalker to General Pong Krell, because Skywalker was called back to Coruscant at the request of both the Supreme Chancellor and the Jedi Council.[3]

Dogma was absolutely obedient and willing to accept any order without question. Hence, he was as loyal to Krell's command as he was to Skywalker. Some of the clones however, like Rex and CT-5555 "Fives," were skeptical of Krell's decision to conquer the Umbaran capital city with a full-forward assault. Then, Umbaran forces ambushed the clones, forcing them to retreat from the path.[3] After that, the 501st under the command of Krell continued to engage the Umbarans in a heavy firefight. Just then, General Kenobi had contacted Krell, telling him that a nearby airbase was resupplying the Umbarans. Krell then led the 501st Legion to take the base.[4]

Dogma along with the rest of the 501st ready to move out

After arriving at their destination, Rex readied his platoons to attack the airbase by assembling them to go over the strategy. When many of the clone troopers grumbled and expressed that they did not believe that Krell's plan would work, Dogma backed up Rex, insisting that they trust Krell and that the plan would work. The attack did not start well for the clones, who took heavy casualties. Due to some improvising from Rex, the plan did succeed at the end, as Fives and Hardcase hijacked two Umbaran starfighters from the airbase, and used them to destroy the Umbaran mobile heavy cannons that were inflicting heavy losses amongst the troopers.[4] General Krell then ordered the airbase placed under their complete control.[8]

Confronting disloyalty[]

"Hold it right there."
"Lower your weapon, Dogma."
"I... I can't do that, sir."
―Dogma steps in and accuses Rex of treason[4]

Later that night, Fives, Jesse, and Hardcase sneaked out and boarded several Umbaran starfighters to destroy a DH-Omni Support Vessel resupplying the Umbaran defenses. When Dogma woke up in the barracks and saw their empty bunks, he woke up fellow trooper CT-5385 "Tup" to find out where they went. When he threatened to report them to General Krell, Tup protested, but agreed to accompany him when Dogma told him that they would be complicit in their insubordination and be court-martialed if they knew about it. However, on the way to the tower, Rex confronted them, knowing they were likely to be reporting Fives, Jesse, and Hardcase. Dogma told him they were going to speak with the general about a personal matter, but when Rex said that they could tell him and he would tell General Krell, Dogma angrily told him that it was not important and returned to the barracks. When Fives and Jesse returned, with Hardcase having sacrificed himself to destroy the supply ship, Krell told them that although their actions were heroic, they would be executed because they had disobeyed his direct order.[8]

Dogma was all too eager to execute his brothers.

During the execution of Fives and Jesse, Dogma was in charge of the execution squad, which included Tup and CT-6116 "Kix." While Dogma was sure that the execution was the proper punishment, the firing squad was less certain. When Fives appealed to his brothers morality and individualism, in the squad purposely missed their target and dropped their blaster rifles. Shocked, Dogma tried to restore order, but Rex told him that the squad did not share his point of view and prevented the execution. After that, Krell received a transmission that Umbarans had stolen clone trooper equipment. As a result, Krell temporarily put aside the execution of Fives and Jesse. Dogma accompanied the 501st to engage the enemy, and the resulting firefight resulted in a platoon of the 212th Attack Battalion and the 501st Legion firing on one another. After successfully breaking the battle, Rex questioned the platoon leader, Waxer, about who had given the orders to attack the 501st Legion. Just before he died, Waxer revealed it was Krell who had given the order. Rex was able to convince the clones to arrest General Krell. Despite the revelation, Dogma remained loyal to Krell, and refused to help them prevent Krell from escaping. Dogma defiantly tried to prevent Rex from pursuing the fleeing Krell, but after some convincing, Dogma saw reason and lowered his blaster, after which he was tackled by two clones and sent to the brig.[9]

Dogma watches as Krell taunts Rex.

After the clones had subdued Krell, he was detained in the brig and placed in a holding cell right next to Dogma's cell. As Krell revealed his betrayal to Rex, Dogma was shocked by the fact that his loyalty was just a key pawn in Krell's plan to undermine the Republic's efforts. Later, Fives released Dogma, and Rex decided to execute Krell after CC-1119 "Appo" alerted him that the Umbarans would soon attack the captured airbase. When Rex pointed his pistol at Krell, the fallen Jedi taunted him, turning his steady hand into an unsteady trigger. Dogma then stole one of Fives' pistols and fatally shot Krell in the back, ending the fallen Jedi's life. Dogma stated that he had to shoot Krell, because "he betrayed us." After the battle ended, Dogma was taken into custody for killing a Jedi, but as he was led away, Rex gave him a reassuring nod to let him know that he did the right thing.[9]

Personality and traits[]

"I…I had to…he betrayed us."
―Dogma after killing Pong Krell[9]

Dogma would eventually realize that he could not blindly follow orders

Dogma, a clone trooper of the 501st Legion, was described as a loyal soldier, in which he never questioned or disobeyed the order from a commanding officer. During the Battle of Umbara, he was the most loyal of the clone troopers to Pong Krell, and agreed with whatever he said, being the only one to willingly kill his fellow troopers Fives and Jesse. He refused to listen to the other clones who said that different strategies other than full-forward assault would accomplish the same mission with much less loss of life.[3][4] Like his fellow clones, Dogma was horrorstruck and shocked during the realization that the 501st Legion and the 212th Attack Battalion had engaged each other, which was a deception by General Krell. Dogma was called a "fool" by Krell because of his blind loyalty. When his fellow clones tried to arrest Krell, who had turned to the dark side, Dogma attempted to stop them, calling them traitors. When Pong Krell revealed his betrayal, Dogma was shocked and angered, since he was Krell's most loyal soldier. As a result of feeling betrayed, he shot and killed his former general when Krell gloated about Rex's hesitation to do so himself.[9]

Dogma was fierce in his beliefs, believing that Krell was doing what was right. Even when Krell killed many clones and fled into the jungle, Dogma confronted Rex and stood in his captain's way. Although Dogma had very strong opinions, he listened to reason when Rex appealed to his morals, painfully accepting his wrongdoings and not struggling when two fellow troopers cuffed him and Rex led the others after Krell.[9]

Dogma shaved his head and sported a V shaped tattoo across his left eye. His helmet, uniquely, had a similar V-shaped design that covered most of the front of his helmet, and that reflected his tattoo.[3]


Dogma wore Phase II clone trooper armor and used a DC-15A blaster. As a soldier of the 501st Legion, Dogma's armor sported blue 501st Legion markings and a red triangle above the larger blue one on his helmet.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

CT-6922 "Dogma" first appeared in "Darkness on Umbara," the the seventh episode of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series' fourth season. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker,[3] who voiced all clones in the show.[source?]


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