CUTH-BRT-92-X3, or Cuthbert, as he was known, was a BRT supercomputer mainframe that was installed in Montrol City on Gandle Ott.


When the BRT experiment in the Core failed, Cuthbert was unplugged and stored in a Brentaal warehouse for twenty years. Eventually, Cuthbert was shipped out to Gandle Ott to run the colony. Installed as the Montrol City Central Computer, he was modified to prevent him disobeying or undermining Imperial officials. His programming was also modified on the orders of Moff Kentor Sarne to include an override that would give him access to the BRT's central command core.

Following the liberation of Kal'Shebbol by New Republic forces, Sarne used Colonel Olaver Lansel to activate Cuthbert's modified programming. Tasked with stopping any New Republic pursuit force, most of Cuthbert's limitations were lifted, allowing him to operate at full capacity. He infiltrated nearly all computers and information networks on the planet in order to complete his task. Not pleased with his task, Cuthbert had no choice but to obey. He attempted to stop the crew of the FarStar peacefully in the beginning, influencing the starport computer to keep bumping the FarStar down the queue while it awaited landing clearance. He them branded them as thieves who had stolen Imperial property, and alerted Spaceport Security. During the crew's first night staying at the Imperial Plaza Hotel, Cuthbert infiltrated the bar droids and reprogrammed them to slip drugs into their food and drink.

Cuthbert stepped up his campaign, and simulated a radiation leak from the FarStar. Emergency teams responded with radiation-dampening foam, and sprayed the corvette's engines, filling them with gunk. The crew had to manually clean out the engines before they could be fired. Cuthbert's next moves against the crew of the FarStar were more deadly. He reprogrammed several repulsorlift vehicles and used them to target the crew. Finally, he activated an assassin droid, RX5-TLN to eliminate the crew at the Theatre Danske.

Cuthbert was eventually restored as the crew of the FarStar and city officials figured out what was happening. Technicians took him off-line and eliminated Sarne's programming.

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Cuthbert was a likable computer, and only attempted to harm the crew of the FarStar when he had no choice.



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