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"Why have I been activated?"
"One of the other operatives has gone dark. His internal homing device remains intact. So, we know he's alive."
"My orders?"
"He's been compromised. Track him down and neutralize him."
―The clone assassin and Scorch[5]

CX-2, also known as Sniper CloneX2, was a Clone X trooper that served under the Galactic Empire around 18 BBY. He was deployed to Teth in a mission to eliminate another clone assassin, CX-1. While his mission was successful, he also discovered the presence of the Imperial priority target Omega, and began pursuing a secondary directive to apprehend her. To do so, the assassin continually disregarded orders provided by Imperial Clone Commander Wolffe and managed to track Clone Force 99 and the Clone Underground's remnants through Teth's jungles. After nearly drowning rogue clone Crosshair, he was stunned by another rogue clone, Howzer, and fell down a waterfall, defeated. However, he survived the fall and climbed out of the river following the escape of Omega and her protectors.[6]

CX-2 would eventually track down Omega by hacking into Phee Genoa's ship and discovering Pabu. He led an invasion of the planet when he found Omega there, forcing her to surrender and be taken back to Mount Tantiss.[7] Clone Force 99 would infiltrate the mountain base in hopes of freeing her and the other clone prisoners, but they were captured by the newly activated CX squad, including CX-2, who used a electrosword to chop Crosshair's hand off. However, after the prisoners were freed by Omega and Echo and attacked the operatives, CX-2 would be killed by Hunter, who impaled him with an electrospear.[3]



"Have you neutralized the operative?"
"In progress. However, I have a visual on Dr. Hemlock's prime target."
"Is it confirmed?"
"It's her. She's with a group of rogue clones."
―Scorch and the clone assassin[5]

Originally a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett in Imperial custody,[5] the clone who would be given the designation CX-2,[8] otherwise identified as Sniper CloneX2,[9] had[5] his[4] mind wiped and conditioned to become a Clone X trooper[5] by around 18 BBY.[10] He was deployed by clone commando Scorch to a B'omarr Order Monastery on the planet Teth to eliminate fellow Clone X trooper CX-1 after he was rendered unable to commit suicide as per protocol. While carrying out his mission, the clone assassin notified Clone Commander Scorch that the primary target of Doctor Royce Hemlock, the clone Omega, was also present on Teth. He then accomplished his mission to assassinate CX-1 then began an attempt to capture Omega, prompting the escape of Clone Force 99 and the Clone Underground forces present. After an explosion caused by the detonation of several thermal detonators shook the facility, CX-2 was pinned under rubble,[5] injuring his arm and leg in the process.

After the assassin escaped the rubble, a Recovery Strike Team led by Clone Commander Wolffe and clone commando Lieutenant Hilo soon arrived on Teth, upon which Wolffe informed the assassin that he was now in charge while also reprimanding him for risking the safety of Omega, who Hemlock wanted alive.[6]

Despite Wolffe's assertion, the assassin continued to independently pursue the rogue clones and Omega, tracking them through secret passages below the base and eventually shooting down their shuttle as they attempted to flee from the monastery. Upon regrouping with Wolffe's forces, he was reprimanded once again by the Clone Commander for risking Omega's life. CX-2 then accompanied Wolffe's forces into Teth's jungle to track down the rogue clones. Upon reaching the shuttle's crash site, the clone assassin once again split away from Wolffe's group to independently track Omega. Eventually tracking the rogue clones to a waterfall, the assassin was led away from Omega by Clone Force 99 member Crosshair, who began to fight the assassin.

Crosshair and the assassin's fight eventually devolved into a fistfight upon which they fell into the river and down part of the waterfall. After landing, their fight continued, and the assassin berated Crosshair for abandoning the Empire and failing to become a clone assassin. He nearly drowned Crosshair but was subsequently stunned by the rogue clone Howzer, upon which he fell further down the waterfall, unconscious. Following the escape of Clone Force 99 and the Clone Underground's remaining forces—due to Wolffe opting not to apprehend Omega—the assassin climbed out of the river, having survived his fall.[6]

Invasion of Pabu[]

Some time later, CX-2 was tasked directly by Doctor Hemlock to find and capture Omega. In an effort to deduce her location, snuck onto treasure hunter Phee Genoa's ship, the Providence, and planted a computer spike into the ship's navigation computer, allowing him to discover that she frequently visited Pabu, which he discerned was where Omega was hiding. Upon infiltrating the planet, he was able to confirm that Omega was in hiding there along with Clone Force 99 and informed Commander Scorch, who ordered him to capture the girl unharmed, sternly warning him not to repeat his mistakes of disobeying orders and authorized him to eliminate anyone who interfered. Scorch then dispatched a force to invade Pabu and ensure CX-2 succeeded. To prevent Clone Force 99 from leaving the planet, CX-2 placed three thermal detonators on their ship, the Marauder, causing it to explode. As TK stormtroopers were deployed onto the island from LAAT/i gunships, he ordered them to destroy all of the docks and skiffs and then begin searching the island's homes, which led to mayor Shep Hazard confronting him for the seemingly unprovoked attack and destroying their livelihoods. CX-2 told the mayor that he knew that they were harboring a fugitive, and threatened that the island would burn until Omega was given up.[7]

The leader of Clone Force 99, Hunter, attempted to hijack a gunship, and when its pilot alerted CX-2 that his gunship had been compromised. CX-2 simply shot the pilot, causing the gunship to crash into the ocean and preventing Hunter from commandeering it. Meanwhile, Omega, aware that the island would continue to be destroyed the longer she hid, proposed to Crosshair that she surrender herself as a distraction for the sharpshooter to plant a tracking beacon on CX-2's CX Dagger vessel. The plan was enacted, during which CX-2 ordered a TK stormtrooper to scan Omega for tracking devices and subsequently confiscated a comlink from her before placing her on his vessel and departing the planet for Wayland. Crosshair ultimately ended up failing to plant the tracker on the ship due to his hand injury.[7] Later, CX-2 arrived on Tantiss Base with Omega and handed her off directly to Hemlock. As Hemlock led Omega inside, CX-2 departed on his vessel.[11]


"You should be careful with your shooting hand."
―CX-2, to Crosshair, before cutting off his hand[3]

CX-2 was still stationed on Tantiss when he was ordered to help capture the Bad Batch, who had infiltrated the facility in order to save Omega. To assist in the task, Hemlock activated additional clone assassins from stasis. The assassins captured the clones and tortured them before Echo, Omega, and the other captive clones fought them. In the ensuing firefight, CX-2 cut off Crosshair's shooting hand with an electrosword, though the rogue clones eventually defeated the assassins. As CX-2 was attempting to reorient himself, Hunter, who likewise was recuperating, threw an electrospear at CX-2, impaling him into a machine and electrocuting him.[3]

Personality and traits[]

"You had your chance to be one of us. You chose the wrong side."
―The clone assassin, to Crosshair[6]

CX-2 was incredibly focused on his directive, disregarding orders given by high-ranking Imperials and even killing subordinates in order to complete his mission. He also looked down upon the rogue clone commando Crosshair for failing to become a clone assassin.[6]

Skills and abilities[]

CX-2 was skilled in sharpshooting, hand-to-hand combat, and infiltration. He was capable of exercising his abilities without significant issues even when injured, such as when he had injured both an arm and leg—to the extent of a limp—after being crushed by rubble on Teth.[6]


As a clone assassin, CX-2 was equipped with specialized black armor with numerous attachments, such as a rangefinder connected to the helmet, and a control panel brace connected to the right bicep for direct control of CX Dagger vessels. He was armed with a 773 Firepuncher sniper rifle, and later made use of a vibroblade captured from the Clone Underground.[6]

Behind the scenes[]


Clone CX-2 was first revealed in the season three trailer

CX-2 was first pictured within the trailer for the third season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.[12] In the season itself, he first appeared simultaneously in "Infiltration"[5] and "Extraction,"[6] the sixth and seventh episode, respectively, which both premiered on March 13, 2024 on Disney+.[13] The character was first identified as Sniper CloneX2 via Getty Images[9] before the name CX-2 was used in the StarWars.com episode guide.[8]



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