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CZ-198 was an exotic moon[1] in the Unknown Regions that acted as a testing ground and laboratory for the Czerka Corporation during the time of the Galactic War. It was one of the most advanced product development facilities created by the corporation. Activities in this facility were directed by Special Executive Rasmus Blys.


The facility contained lavish recreational living quarters for employees, who had access to a cafeteria. A sophisticated rail system kept the entire facility connected. The Atrium was incorporated into the facility to allow Czerka employees to gather and develop new projects, while the Seario Memorial Showroom showcased the various products created by the staff of the site. In addition, a biodome with a range of plant and animal life allowed Czerka scientists to test creations in genuine conditions. Furthermore, an advanced specimen observation and testing laboratory allowed for the development of bioweapons that could be tested in a safe environment.[2]


The moon's surface

The heart of the facility was a highly advanced power generator designed to supply CZ-198's power requirements. A central supply shipping yard utilized automated machinery in order to bring about a quick and efficient delivery of resources such as the shipment of the latest products to customers. For security, the latest cutting edge equipment was used to ensure the safety of the staff.[2]

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The CZ-198 facility is featured in a Developer Blog providing a Virtual Tour of the Czerka site.



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