"Those droids back at the old farmhouse. I guess I'm supposed to think that was your gang? That you just turned bad after all these years?"
"That's certainly what has occurred. I have been a very bad droid."
―Zuvio questions CZ-1G5's sudden betrayal[src]

CZ-1G5, referred to as Seezee, was a CZ-series secretary/business communications droid that lived on the planet Jakku. An established fixture of the Niima Outpost, CZ-1G5 stayed in service for hundreds of years, despite it being common for manufacturers of CZ-series droids to cut corners.[1] CZ-1G5 worked various odd jobs around the outpost, including occasional clerical work for the Office of the Constable. During this time, CZ-1G5 developed a friendship with Constable Zuvio and earned the Kyuzo's trust. However, CZ-1G5 was at some point reprogrammed by the Kubaz banker Rikard Lovas and setup as a scapegoat for Lovas' planned robbery of his own banking ship. After CZ-1G5 stole the constable office weaponry and ran into the desert, he was confronted by a distraught Zuvio after a lengthy chase. Through CZ-1G5, Zuvio learned of Lovas' scheme and then shot the droid. After Lovas was arrested, CZ-1G5 was rebuilt and reprogrammed, having Lovas' modifications completely removed. Afterwards, CZ-1G5 was allowed to continue working for the Niima Outpost.[2]

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