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The CZ-series communications/business droid was a droid series produced by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. The CZ-series was released as Serv-O-Droid began to wane in its position as a dominant droid manufacturer.


CZ schematics

Its built-in comlink had a surface-to-orbit range. Common job functions included taking dictation, organizing files, scheduling, and making calls. It was modeled after the Stacchati species. It had a preloaded number of languages, and it knew all modern and old business regulations and tax codes for thousands of governments. It had a vast data storage capacity protected by an almost-impossible-to-crack firewall. Slicers had developed ways to work around those firewalls, but, providing the owners regularly changed the codes, there was no trouble.

It had sophisticated programming that allowed the droid to act as a switchboard for all incoming audio comlink communications, text and data messages from planetary networks, and holographic messages from the HoloNet. An owner could synch up his comlink, datapad, and other communication devices with the droid and have messages forwarded based on predetermined criteria.[1]

At launch, the droids boasted a garish green-and-orange paint job with yellow highlights, hoping that it would draw attention in stores. Almost every droid was repainted.

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Behind the scenes[]

Early concept drawing of Darth Vader. His chest plate would eventually be used for CZ-3.

The physical appearance, such as the chest plate, of the CZ-droid model is derived from an early conceptual sketch for Darth Vader.



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